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Editor: Eva Emerson

Online ISSN: 1943-0930

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About The Society for Science & the Public

Society for Science & the Public (SSP) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to the public engagement in scientific research and education. Our vision is to promote the understanding and appreciation of science and the vital role it plays in human advancement: to inform, educate, inspire.

Inform – To deliver the events and news of the scientific world daily. Through online and print media, we keep the world informed of the latest scientific news and advances.

Educate – To further the many disciplines of science by reaching students, teachers and the public.

Inspire – To encourage and nurture the next generation of scientists, engineers and teachers, through our acclaimed science competitions.

Founded as Science Service in 1921, SSP has through its award-winning magazine, Science News, and through world-class science education competitions, conveyed the excitement of all areas of science and research directly to the public.

Through decades of dedication to excellence, SSP has offered many of the most revered and prestigious science education resources in the world. From the original Westinghouse Science Talent Search, now the Intel Science Talent Search, seven students have become Nobel laureates. The trustworthy and informative Science News reaches several hundreds of thousands of readers online and in print.

SSP is proud to continue to deliver and explain the world of science to our global community.  Educating and informing students, parents, teachers and the greater community about the evolving and influential world of science, we inspire the endless possibilities they have to offer.