College Athletics and the Law

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Edited By: Claudine McCarthy

Online ISSN: 1943-7579


Develop a legally sound “game plan” for your institution's athletics programs! Each month, you get expert coaching on how to meet NCAA and Title IX requirements, negotiate coaching contracts, support athletes with disabilities, and more.

College Athletics and the Law is part of the Jossey-Bass higher education newsletter series featuring up-to-date news on the latest legal developments and innovative practices for every aspect of campus administration and life. It is available in print, online and as a PDF delivery.

Aims and Scope

This monthly newsletter gives you news, guidance and case summaries involving all legal issues affecting college athletics — including student-athletes with disabilities, facilities, sponsorships, coaches, gender equity and Title IX compliance, and more — so you can develop legally sound athletics programs.

Each issue provides solutions for the critical matters affecting your staff, athletes and campus, such as how to

• Ensure playing fields are safe after pregame events
• Teach athletes decision-making skills to avoid a crisis
• Partner with you DS office to better support athletes with disabilities
• Work with campus police to ensure visiting alumni and high school athletes are safe on campus
• Start developmental teams to give more women a chance to play

You stay up to date on the latest developments and court cases with these exclusive features:

NCAA Update briefs you on NCAA litigation, probation, and new or potential regulations — so your entire staff is in the know.

Leaders and Innovators profiles an athletic director sharing challenges, leadership philosophies, and advice that can benefit you and your staff.

Title IX highlights practical strategies for complying with Title IX and gender equity requirements involving students and staff.

Coaches Corner focuses on issues related to hiring, firing, replacing and disciplining coaches as well as helpful training tips.


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