Dean and Provost

Cover image for Vol. 18 Issue 8

Edited By: Joan Hope

Online ISSN: 1943-7587


Dean and Provost is part of the Jossey-Bass higher education newsletter series featuring up-to-date news on the latest legal developments and innovative practices for every aspect of campus administration and life. It is available in print, online and as a PDF delivery.

Aims and Scope

From budgeting to faculty tenure, and from distance learning to labor relations, Dean & Provost gives you innovative ways to manage all the challenges of leading your institution.

Each month, you learn — from the academic administrator´s perspective — how to make the best use of your limited resources, safeguard your institution from frivolous lawsuits, attract major contributors to your endowment and special capital campaigns, create learner-centered programs and more.

Regular features include

Lawsuits and Rulings
— Alerts you to court cases and OCR complaints brought by students, parents and faculty — so you can avoid the mistakes that landed other institutions in court.

Provost Profiles — Gives you the chance to get to know your colleagues, learn their personal challenges and leadership philosophies, and discover programs that have been successful on their campuses.

Executive Management
— Teaches you strategies to handle your daily challenges, such as managing your time, dealing with stress, fostering interdepartmental communication and ensuring your policies don’t get you in legal trouble.