Campus Security Report

Cover image for Vol. 13 Issue 11

Edited By: Joan Hope

Online ISSN: 1945-6247


Campus Security Report is part of the Jossey-Bass higher education newsletter series featuring innovative practices for every aspect of campus administration and life. It is available in print, online and as a PDF delivery.

Aims and Scope

This monthly newsletter empowers you to effectively manage all the challenges you face keeping your campus, students and employees safe. From protecting students walking around campus after dark, to meeting the complex requirements of the Clery Act – Campus Security Report has the answers you need.

Each issue gives you continual, expert guidance to:

• Proactively prepare for unexpected crises, such as natural disasters and crimes committed with weapons
• Create sound policies and protocol that your students and staff can follow
• Avoid the mistakes that landed other institutions in the courtroom

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Regular features include:

Leaders and Innovators -- Gain expert advice on issues you struggle with day to day – from fire safety to crowd management – from the most experienced leaders in the field.

Policies and Procedures -- Benefit from your colleagues’ trail and error so you can create policies modeled after their successful ones.

Lawsuits and Rulings -- Know the latest lawsuits and rulings involving campus-related crime and campus police activities – so you can avoid the mistakes that landed other institutions in court.

Legislative Watch
-- Be alerted to bills pending in Congress and state legislatures and learn how they will impact you and your institution.