Enrollment Management Report

Cover image for Vol. 20 Issue 5

Edited By: Joan Hope

Online ISSN: 1945-6263


Enrollment Management Report is part of the Jossey-Bass higher education newsletter series featuring up-to-date news on the latest legal developments and innovative practices for every aspect of campus administration and life. It is available in print, online and as a PDF delivery.

Aims and Scope

Find out which enrollment strategies are working for your colleagues, which aren’t and why – so you can duplicate others’ successes. Each month, this comprehensive newsletter gives you practical guidance on all aspects of enrollment management – including records, registration, recruitment, orientation, admissions, retention and more.

From tuition discounting to one-stop shops, and from online applications and registration to recruiting nontraditional and international students, Enrollment Management Report helps you administer the programs that attract students to your school – and keep them there.

Featured columns include:

What Would You Do? – Highlights tricky scenarios encountered by enrollment managers with solutions provided by readers.

Strategies for Success – Gives you advice from experts on how to approach a specific aspect of enrollment management, including 5 tips each month from a professional who has used the approach successfully – so you can duplicate what works.

Lawsuits and Rulings – Updates you on the latest court cases involving financial aid, dismissal, FERPA and other issues – so you can ensure your policies and procedures comply with the latest rulings.

Managing Your Office – Offers tips on how to improve your management skills, from hiring and retaining the best employees, to collaborating with other department and more.