Board & Administrator for Administrators Only

Cover image for Vol. 32 Issue 9

Edited By: Jeff Stratton

Online ISSN: 1949-3215


Board & Administrator for administrators only is an award-winning monthly newsletter written to help nonprofit leaders with all aspects of dealing and working with their boards.

Aims and Scope

Board & Administrator is the monthly newsletter designed to help you work successfully with board members and provides effective tools to help you educate board members in their proper roles. Designed for nonprofit executive directors, CEOs, administrators and directors of nonprofit organizations, each issue offers practical advice on challenges you face in day-to-day management of nonprofit organizations.

With proven answers to the common questions nonprofit executives face daily, like

• How can I improve board teamwork?
• How can I help my board chair do her job?
• How can I improve board member participation?
• What can I do to make board meetings short and focused?
• How can I encourage board members to contribute to our development beyond simply attending the meetings?
• How can I motivate board members to plan for the future strategic and budgeting needs of our organization?

For your board members there’s the Board Report, a monthly two-page insert included in each issue, which provides board members with direct advice on how to service competently by understanding their role and yours.

From techniques to help nominating committees find qualified, capable board members to proven methods to foster harmonious and productive relationships between the board, staff and executives, Board & Administrator brings you the news, practical advice and resources you need to build a successful board and organization.


* Micromanagement
* Roles and Responsibilities
* Board fundraising
* Employee/Board member back channels of communication
* Executive director
* Effective board communication
* Effective board meetings
* Dysfunctional board
* Board power play
* Compensation and benefits
* 360 degree evaluation
* Problem board member