Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment

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Edited By: Professor Peter Lund, Dr John Byrne

Online ISSN: 2041-840X

Editorial Board


Professor John Byrne

University of Delaware, Center for Energy & Environmental Policy, USA

Professor Peter Lund

Aalto University, School of Science, Finland

Associate Editors

Concentrating Solar Power

Dr Jim Miller


Solar Heating and Cooling

Mr Werner Weiss


Professor Robert Birkmire

Wind Power

Professor Hannele Holttinen

Bioenergy: Economics and Policies
Professor Göran Berndes


Bioenergy: Technologies and Fuels

Dr Iacovos Vasalos


Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
Professor Suddhasatwa Basu

Fossil Fuels

Professor Sevket Durucan


Nuclear Power

Professor Jerzy Cetnar


Energy Efficiency

Mr John Laitner

Energy Systems Economics
Professor Reinhard Haas


Energy Systems Analysis

Professor Poul Erik Morthorst


Energy Policy and Planning
Professor Young-Doo Wang


Energy and Transport

Professor Leigh Glover


Energy and Development

Dr Ivan Nygaard

Energy and Development

Dr Yacob Mulugetta


Energy and Transport

Dr Peter Newman


Electricity Infrastructure

Dr Damian Flynn


Energy Research and Innovation (Asia)

Dr Jiahua Pan


Energy Research and Innovation (EMEA)

Mr Hans Nilsson


Energy Research and Innovation (N & S America)

Professor Mark Barteau

Energy and Urban Design

Professor Austin Troy


International Advisory Board


Henrik Bindslev

Fusion for Energy, Spain


Alexander Wokaun

Paul Scherer Institut, Switzerland


Joachim Luther

National University of Singapore, Singapore


Lars J. Nilsson

Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden


Thomas B. Johansson

Lund University, Sweden


Vikram Kumar

Indian Institute of Technology, India


Sven Kullander

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Sweden


David Serrano

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain


Wenke Han

Energy Research Institute, P.R. China


Hoesung Lee

Korea University, South Korea


Gisela Prasad

University of Cape Town, South Africa


William Ward

Clemson University, USA


Timothy Anderson

University of Florida, USA


William D'haeseleer

University of Leuven Energy Institute, Belgium


Chandrasekar Govindarajalu

The World Bank, USA


Hiroki Kuwano

Tohuko University, Japan


Gareth Harrison

University of Edinburgh, UK