Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture

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Edited By: Kenneth C. Sherman, PhD

Online ISSN: 2041-8426

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This study assessed whether there were any significant relationships among burnout, type of coping, and employee engagement in a population of employees actively working in the medical and mental health fields. It also evaluated preferred workplace motivators across two overarching job categories: medical and mental health caregivers and administrative and supporting roles. The results showed that as employee burnout increased, so did the use of more harmful coping mechanisms. The study also found an inverse relationship between emotional exhaustion and employee engagement. Additionally, employee engagement and personal accomplishment were positively related. Employee-preferred workplace motivators across two job-overarching job categories were also assessed. The highest-ranking employee-preferred workplace motivators identified in the participant sample were nature of the work itself, responsibility, salary, relationship with peers, and professional growth.

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Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture Honored at 2013 APEX Award of Publishing Excellence

Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture,a quarterly peer-reviewed publication of the University of the Rockies, won recognition for publication excellence in the category of Magazine & Journal Design & Layout in the 2013 APEX Awards for Publishing Excellence.

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Winner of 2012 APEX Award of Publishing Excellence

Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture, launched with the University of the Rockies, received recognition for its design and layout in this year's APEX Awards for Publishing Excellence.

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