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Dear Colleagues:

Globalization seems to have arrived at the SMS. Actually, of course, it has been coming for some time now, and the Society has seen it coming, in our membership, our conferences and submissions, and in the scholarship published in the Strategic Management Journal, our premier journal. The leaders of our Society recognized this trend and after a period of preliminary discussions, asked us in the summer of 2009 to take on the privilege and responsibility for launching the Global Strategy Journal. Our intention, with your help and support, is to turn GSJ into the outlet for scholarly research on topics relating to global strategy.

You can read a formal expression of our goals and objectives in the accompanying Vision Statement, and a detailed operational outline in the ten themes. What we want to do in this Welcome is to offer a more personal, more collegial request for your help and support. We recognize that asking you, and particularly those of you who are still working your ways through the complexities of the academic life, to show us the confidence of offering the results of your hard work and dedication to GSJ for publication in a new, untried, unranked journal is bold almost to the point of being presumptuous. However, we think that you will soon find this risk to have an equal reward.

On the practical side, evidence from all sides says that business is happening in a global setting. Emerging market economies are already outstripping established nations in many fields - and particularly in the most novel, most future-oriented sectors. Recent evidence strongly suggests that the markets for finance, goods, services, commodities, and pretty much everything else are closely entangled across regional and national boundaries. Business and other organizations must -MUST- recognize these new realities.

On the scholarly side, we also see the rapid emergence of schools and scholars of strategic management around the globe. We can well recall when international business was emerging in North America as a field of study, when Europeans could say that “only” Americans didn’t realize that all business was international, when Asia offered little in the way of internationally recognized scholarship. You need only look at the editorial message of our sister publication, SMJ, to realize that much of strategic management research has become international in scope - in concept, data, and author. Close to half of SMJ’s papers have international content, more than half come from scholars who either originate or work (or both) from outside North America. It is time for a journal that focuses on that content, a journal committed to those scholars. This is the role that we see for GSJ.

Our international editorial team is dedicated to finding and publishing the finest research on topics relating to global - and international, multinational, or transnational - strategy and strategic management. We are also dedicated to offering you, our global society of colleagues, the opportunity to work within your own scholarly traditions and to still find a premier outlet for the fruits of your efforts. Global in scope, global in content, global in community - but still topical and rigorous - that is the GSJ commitment to you.


Stephen Tallman & Torben Pedersen
GSJ Co-Editors