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Virtual Special Issue Articles

Virtual Special Issue on Innovation, Intellectual Property and Strategic Management

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The cornerstones of competitive advantage: A resource-based view
Margaret A. Peteraf

A resource-based view of the firm
Birger Wernerfelt

Dynamic capabilities and strategic management
David J. Teece, Gary Pisano and Amy Shuen

Resource Complementarity and Value Capture in Firm Acquisitions: The Role of Intellectual Property Rights
Christoph Grimpe and Katrin Hussinger

A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of Property Rights Sharing in Outsourced Research, Development, and Engineering Relationships
Stephen J. Carson and George John

Value Appropriation as an Organizational Capability: The Case of IP Protection through Patents
Markus Reitzig and Phanish Puranam

Control of intellectual assets in client relationships: implications for innovation
Aija Leiponen

Strategic Determinants of Decisions not to Settle Patent Litigation
Deepak Somaya

Reputations for Toughness in Patent Enforcement: Implications for Knowledge Spillovers via Inventor Mobility
Rajshree Agarwal, Martin Ganco, and Rosemarie H. Ziedonis

The intra-alliance division of value created through collaboration
J. Adetunji Adegbesan and Matthew J. Higgins

Modes of cooperative R&D commercialization by start-ups
Vikas A. Aggarwal and David H. Hsu

Estimating the patent premium: Evidence from the Australian Inventor Survey
Dr. Paul H. Jensen, Russell Thomson and Jongsay Yong

The strategic analysis of intangible resources
Richard Hall

Resources as dual sources of advantage: Implications for valuing entrepreneurial-firm patents
David H. Hsu and Rosemarie H. Ziedonis

Some like it free: Innovators' Strategic use of Disclosure to slow down Competition
Gonçalo Pacheco-de-Almeida and Peter B. Zemsky

The licensing dilemma: understanding the determinants of the rate of technology licensing
Andrea Fosfuri

Do non-competition agreements lead firms to pursue risky R&D projects?
Raffaele Conti

Managing liquidity in research-intensive firms: signaling and cash flow effects of patents and alliance activities
Edward Levitas and M. Ann McFadyen

More stars stay, but the brightest ones still leave: Job hopping in the shadow of patent enforcement
Martin Ganco, Rosemarie H. Ziedonis and Rajshree Agarwal

Strategy research: governance and competence perspectives
Oliver E. Williamson

Does pre-entry licensing induce spurious learning and overconfidence? Evidence from independent vs. collaborative entry in the global aerospace industry, 1944-2000
Louis Mulotte, Pierre Dussauge and Will Mitchell


Intellectual property protection and the formation of entrepreneurial growth aspirations
Erkko Autio and Zoltan Acs

Entrepreneurial actions, innovation, and appropriability
Robert A. Burgelman and Michael A. Hitt

Knowledge spillovers and strategic entrepreneurship
Rajshree Agarwal, David Audretsch and MB Sarkar


How tight an embrace? Choosing the optimal degree of partner interaction in alliances based on risk, technology characteristics, and agreement provisions
Farok J. Contractor, James A. Woodley and Anke Piepenbrink

Physical attraction and the geography of knowledge sourcing in multinational enterprises

John A. Cantwell and Ram Mudambi