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Ecology and Evolution

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Editors-in-Chief: Allen Moore, University of Georgia, USA and Andrew Beckerman, University of Sheffield, UK

Impact Factor: 1.658

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2013: 85/141 (Ecology)

Online ISSN: 2045-7758

Editors' Choice

Ecology and Evolution has publishes many top papers. Below are some recent articles which the editorial team have highlighted.

Flow-mediated plasticity in the expression of stickleback nesting glue genes (Paul J. Seear et al - 12 MAR 2014)

Two sexes, one body: intra- and intersex covariation of gamete phenotypes in simultaneous hermaphrodites (Keyne Monro* and Dustin J. Marshall - 18 MAR 2014)

Active colonization dynamics and diversity patterns are influenced by dendritic network connectivity and species interactions (Mathew Seymour and Florian Altermatt - 12 MAR 2014)

Morphological and life-history responses of anurans to predation by an invasive crayfish: an integrative approach (Ana L. Nunes et al - 25 MAR 2014)

Alternative reproductive tactics and sex-biased gene expression: the study of the bulb mite transcriptome (Michal T. Stuglik et al - 12 FEB 2014)

Differing impact of a major biogeographic barrier on genetic structure in two large kangaroos from the monsoon tropics of Northern Australia (Mark D. B. Eldridge et al - 28 JAN 2014)

Temperature thresholds of physically dormant seeds and plant functional response to fire: variation among species and relative impact of climate change (Mark K. J. Ooi et al - 12 FEB 2014)

Disturbance by large herbivores alters the relative importance of the ecological processes that influence the assembly pattern in heterogeneous meta-communities (Haruka Ohashi and Yoshinobu Hoshino - 17 FEB 2014)

The effects of insects, nutrients, and plant invasion on community structure and function above- and belowground (Phoebe Wright et al -17 FEB 2014)

Extraordinary MHC class II B diversity in a non-passerine, wild bird: the Eurasian Coot Fulica atra (Aves: Rallidae) (Miguel Alcaide et al - 13 FEB 2014)

Divergent warning patterns contribute to assortative mating between incipient Heliconius species (Richard M. Merrill, Audrey Chia and Nicola J. Nadeau - 23 FEB 2014)

Stressful environments can indirectly select for increased longevity (Fiona R. Savory et al - 10 MAR 2014)

Climate of origin affects tick (Ixodes ricinus) host-seeking behavior in response to temperature: implications for resilience to climate change? (Lucy Gilbert, Jennifer Aungier andJoseph L. Tomkins - 10 MAR 2014)

Human-aided admixture may fuel ecosystem transformation during biological invasions: theoretical and experimental evidence (Jane Molofsky et al - 23 FEB 2014)

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