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Editor-in-Chief: Nicholas Fisher

Online ISSN: 2049-1573

Society Information

The International Statistical Institute (ISI) is one of the oldest international scientific associations active today. It was established in 1885 and its predecessor organization, the International Statistical Congresses (ISC), was founded in 1853. The Institute is an autonomous society, which seeks to develop and improve statistical methods and their application through the promotion of international activities and co-operation.

The ISI is composed of some 2,000 elected members who are the world’s leading statisticians. These members are drawn from roughly 130 countries and their accumulated experience represents a vast store of scientific knowledge, which covers the entire range of official, applied and theoretical statistics. This reservoir of expertise is supplemented by approximately 3,000 members of the Institute’s Sections, which are its Associations and Societies. In total, there are about 5,000 individual members in the ISI and its Associations, which provide a forum for international exchange of knowledge between members. The ISI also aims to utilize members’ expertise to address general problems of statistical importance.

The Permanent Office of the ISI is situated in The Hague-Leidschenveen in The Netherlands. Its activities are funded by grants from intergovernmental organizations, governments, local authorities, foundations, private business and other bodies, in addition to membership fees and proceeds from the sale of ISI publications.

The ISI has as its objective “the development and improvement of statistical methods and their application throughout the world, all this in the widest sense of the word”, as stated in its statutes. Particular strategic objectives of the ISI include:

To enhance the ISI’s support for the statistical community in developing countries
To promote and disseminate research in the statistical sciences
To promote and disseminate research and best practice in all forms of statistical education
To establish an appropriate role for the ISI promoting public awareness of good statistical practice and its value to the community, and in supporting good practice
To enhance the ISI’s support of the international statistical community
To broaden the range of areas of application in which the ISI is making worthwhile contributions
To define and institute a constructive role for the ISI in supporting the development of young statisticians, and in encouraging the ongoing participation of older members

To put the ISI and its Associations on a sound financial footing. In their work, the ISI and its Associations strive to provide an interface for statisticians specializing in different fields and active in the academic, official and private sectors.

The Associations of the ISI are as follows:

Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability
International Association for Official Statistics
International Association for Statistical Computing
International Association for Statistical Education
International Association of Survey Statisticians
International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics
International Environmetrics Society