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Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies

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Edited By: Tom Kompas

Online ISSN: 2050-2680

Society Information

New Society to Improve Public Policy in Asia and the Pacific

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Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies is supported by an international association called the Asia and the Pacific Policy Society.

The Asia and the Pacific Policy Society reaches out to a community of scholars and policymakers throughout the region and the world by establishing a membership-based association. The Society is the first international association to link groups working across disciplines on the key economic, political science, governance, development and the environment issues in the Asia and the Pacific region.

The establishment of the Society provides a platform to broaden support base for the journal, Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies, and widen the disciplinary focus of supporting scholars and policy makers, positioning research on the region within the mainstream of public policy.

Membership requires a commitment to work with the growing policy community in our region. The standing of the Society is reinforced by the membership of distinguished Fellows comprising leading academics and policymakers from around the world.

Society Fellows

• Kym Anderson, University of Adelaide
• Bruce Chapman,The Australian National University
• Jenny Corbett,The Australian National University
• Robert Costanza,The Australian National University
• Dang Kim Son, Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agricultural and Rural Development
• Edward DeSeve, University of Maryland
• Peter Drysdale,The Australian National University
• Gareth Evans,The Australian National University
• Fan Gang,National Economic Research Institute
• Fan Shenggen, International FoodPolicy Research Institute
• David Fidler, Indiana University
• Quntin Grafton, The Australian National University
• Allan Gyngell
• Yuriko Koike, Liberal Democratic Party
• Ken Henry, The Australian National University
• Peter Ho, Centre for Strategic Future
• Richard Horton, The Lancet
• Sri Mulyani Indrawati, World Bank
• Takatoshi Ito, University of Tokyo
• Lee Jong-Wha, Korea University
• Lee Sook-Jong, East Asia Institute
• Justin Yifu Lin, Beijing University
• Andrew MacIntyre,The Australian National University
• Warwick McKibbin,The Australian National University
• Pratap Bhanu Mehta,Centre for Policy Research
• Mekere Morauta,Former Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea
• Richard Rigby,The Australian National University
• Park Jin, Asia Future Institute
• Minxin Pei, Claremont McKenna College
• Bart Philemon, Former Minister of Finance, Papua New Guinea
• Emilia Pires, Minister for Finance, Timor-Leste
• Thomas Pogge, Yale University
• K Srinath Reddy, Public Health Foundation of India
• Ila Temu, Corporate Affairs (Asia Pacific) Barrick PNG
• Peter Timmer, Harvard University
• Cynthia Schneider, Georgetown University
• Andrew Sheng, Fung Global Institute
• Rizal Sukma, Centre for Strategic and International Studies
• Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University
• Chalongphob Sussangkarn, Thailand Development Research Institute
• Siosiua Utoikamanu, Pacific Islands Centre for Public Administration
• Wang Gungwu, National University of Singapore
• Peter Warr, The Australian National University
• Hugh White, The Australian National University
• Ngaire Woods, University of Oxford
• Zhang Zhongxiang, Fudan University

The Society is an invaluable resource for everyone working on the big policy challenges facing our region.

Membership is open to all scholars, policymakers, practitioners and graduate students with a keen interest in public policy.

Join the Society today.