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Pharmacology Research & Perspectives

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Editors: Darrell R. Abernethy & Andrew J. Lawrence

Online ISSN: 2052-1707

Associated Title(s): British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, British Journal of Pharmacology

Drug Discovery Reviews

Drug discovery reviews: strategy, hypotheses and data resulting in a successful therapeutic drug

These articles are intended to be written by a member, or members of the team that invented a drug proven to be effective in humans. The launch date of the drug is not important. The focus is on interrogating the ideas behind the development of the drug, the preclinical data that informed progression of the programme, and the key discovery (and if available, safety or tox data) that guided the decision to initiate translation to humans.

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Preparation and submission of manuscripts

Standard journal instructions apply with respect to layout, bibliography, ethics acknowledgements etc. Additionally the title should take the form “Drug discovery review: remainder of title text“. The abstract should summarise the original hypothesis or idea, the key preclinical data, and the nature of the success of the drug in humans. The main text itself should expand on each of these components. It is likely that some preclinical data or reasoning may be unpublished and missing from records. If so, it is more important to make an attempt to explain reasoning (or lack of reasoning) for decisions rather than to disregard the existence of these data. The articles are intended to be a celebration of the ingenuity (and perhaps also the luck) of drug hunters. Please submit the work as a regular article.

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