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Editors: Darrell R. Abernethy & Andrew J. Lawrence

Online ISSN: 2052-1707

Associated Title(s): British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, British Journal of Pharmacology

Frontiers in translational medicine

Frontiers in translational medicine: drug and target validation for an unmet therapeutic need

These articles are expected to be written by investigators in academia or the pharmaceutical industry who are actively engaged in cutting-edge drug discovery in high-risk therapeutic areas. By high-risk we mean an area where there are few if any useful current drugs. This means that navigating the development of ideas and drugs is challenging. There may be few if any validated preclinical disease models available. There may be few if any positive control drugs available. Therefore the emerging preclinical data may be hard to publish on its own. We invite investigators to submit for publication articles on such preclinical data together with the early human data from healthy volunteers. These articles will be of immense value later on, if the drug becomes a clinical success. This is because the novel and high risk strategy employed will have been proven to have been appropriate. Moreover, without this early publication opportunity, by the time a truly novel drug is known to be of benefit for an unmet therapeutic need, the preclinical data (especially that derived from unvalidated models, and with very high risk hypothesis about the drug and mechanism) are likely to be regarded by the developer as no longer worthy of publication. Publishing such articles is a gamble for the journal, since many of the drugs so showcased will ultimately fail. However, some will not. It will be of great interest to pharmacology as a discipline to be able to read the relevant ‘Frontiers in translational medicine’ article, and look for clues in the content that informed the ultimate outcome.

Submit a paper

Preparation and submission of manuscripts

Standard journal instructions apply with respect to layout, bibliography, ethics acknowledgements etc. Additionally the title should take the form “Frontiers in translational medicine: remainder of title text“. The Introduction should outline the unmet therapeutic need, and the reasoning (however tenuous) leading to the hypothesis. If the topic is a new chemical entity as well as action, appropriate content on chemistry is required. Please submit the work as a regular article.

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