Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology

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Edited By: Professor M Mercedes Maroto-Valer and Dr Curtis M. Oldenburg

Impact Factor: 1.92

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Online ISSN: 2152-3878

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Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology is a new online-only scientific journal dedicated to the management of greenhouse gases. The journal will focus on methods for carbon capture and storage (CCS), as well as utilization of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a feedstock for fuels and chemicals. GHG will also provide insight into strategies to mitigate emissions of other greenhouse gases. Significant advances will be explored in critical reviews, commentary articles and short communications of broad interest. In addition, the journal will offer analyses of relevant economic and political issues, industry developments and case studies.

Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology is an exciting new online-only journal published as a co-operative venture of the SCI (Society of Chemical Industry) and John Wiley & Sons, Ltd

Aims and Scope

Key themes:

Carbon dioxide capture

  • Pre-combustion capture
  • Post-combustion capture
  • Oxyfuel
  • Industrial processes
  • Solvents, sorbents and membranes
  • Chemical-looping combustion
  • Cryogenic separation
  • Direct air capture
  • Integration with other processes in the power plant

Carbon dioxide storage

  • Wellbore integrity
  • Leakage pathways, e.g. faults and fractures
  • Capacity assessment, e.g.saline formations, depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs
  • Caprock seals
  • Impact of CO2 storage (groundwater, microseismicity)
  • Onshore and offshore geologic storage
  • Technical performance and risk assessment
  • Longterm fate of injected CO2
  • Trapping mechanisms, including adsorption, e.g. coal beds and shales
  • Monitoring, verification and accounting (MVA, e.g. seismic, surface, hydrologic, remote sensing)
  • Pressure management
  • Impacts of co-contaminants, CO2 purity specifications

Carbon dioxide transportation

  • Pressurisation of CO2 storage
  • Pipeline technology, including materials, compressors and infrastructure
  • Ships
  • Risk, legal and monitoring, leakage
  • CO2 purity specifications
  • Source-sink evaluations

CO2 Utilisation

  • Catalysis for CO2 conversion
  • Production of fuels and chemicals from CO2
  • Novel cement production methods
  • Mineral carbonation for the production of aggregate or useful materials
  • Enhanced hydrocarbon recovery (including enhanced oil recovery; EOR)
  • Use of CO2 as cushion (or base) gas for gas storage

Other greenhouse gases

  • Sources and mitigation strategies for emissions of methane (CH4), Nitrous oxide (N2O), Halocarbons

Regulation, economics and planning

  • Cost aspects
  • Other CO2 emission mitigation strategies (including land use change and terrestrial carbon sequestration)
  • CO2 emission and climate modelling
  • Public acceptance
  • Life cycle analyses
  • Policy initiatives
  • Pilot and demonstration projects
  • Advanced power plant designs
  • Technoeconomic analyses
  • Economic analyses of the energy sector
  • Greenhouse gas mitigation in different countries or geographical regions

General topics

  • Business digest
  • Patent intelligence and intellectual property issues
  • Supply chain issues
  • International carbon trading schemes
  • Industrial and government developments including technology, financial and funding company formation, mergers and acquisitions, development of new coal and natural gas-fired power plants
  • Regional updates
  • Development of pilot and demonstration CCS projects
  • Development of new commercial applications of CO2
  • Putting the science in context: economics, politics/policy and social science issues linked to CCS and CO2 utilisation, including public perception.
  • Greenhouse gas mitigation in different countries or geographical regions


Research Scientists, Engineers and Managers in the energy/power industry.
Research Scientists and Engineers at Universities and Research Institutes.
Chemical Engineers, Chemists, Separation Scientists, Geochemists, Geophysicists, Geologists, Environmental Scientists, Scientists working in agriculture/agronomy/forestry, Policy Makers in Government, Civil Engineers, and Non-Government Organisations.


Greenhouse gases, GHG, carbon dioxide, CO2, methane, emissions, mitigation, climate change, nitrous oxides, carbon capture and storage, CCS, power plant, CO2 conversion, CO2 utilization, geological storage, geological sequestration, halocarbons, CO2 transportation, oxyfuel, pre-combustion capture, post-combustion capture, chemical-looping combustion, direct air capture, wellbore integrity, mineral carbonation, enhanced oil recovery, EOR, technoeconomic analysis, policy, CO2 leakage, demonstration projects

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