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Most Read Articles of 2013

Career-Life Preparedness: Revisiting Career Planning and Adjustment in the New Workplace
Robert W. Lent
Volume 61, Issue 1
March 2013

Applying the Happenstance Learning Theory to Involuntary Career Transitions
John D. Krumboltz, Pamela F. Foley and Elizabeth W. Cotter
Volume 61, Issue 1
March 2013

Using Narrative Career Counseling With the Underprepared College Student
Amber N. Hughes, Melinda M. Gibbons and Blair Mynatt
Volume 61, Issue 1
March 2013

The History of Interest Inventories and Career Assessments in Career Counseling
Thomas Harrington and Jennifer Long
Volume 61, Issue 1
March 2013

Career Adaptability: An Integrative Construct for Life-Span, Life-Space Theory
Mark L. Savickas
Volume 45, Issue 3
March 1997

The Career Development Facilitator Project: Then and Now

Judith M. Hoppin and Howard H. Splete
Volume 61, Issue 1
March 2013

A Social Cognitive Framework for Career Choice Counseling
Steven D. Brown and Robert W. Lent
Volume 44, Issue 4
June 1996

Practice and Research in Career Counseling and Development—2011
Bradley T. Erford and Stephanie A. Crockett
Volume 60, Issue 4
December 2012

Table or Circles: A Comparison of Two Methods for Choosing Among Career Alternatives
Adi Amit and Itamar Gati
Volume 61, Issue 1
March 2013

Efficacy and Outcome Expectations Influence Career Exploration and Decidedness
Nancy E. Betz Professor and Karla Klein Voyten Psychologist
Volume 46, Issue 2
December 1997