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Published six times during the academic year, the National Teaching & Learning Forum covers the breadth of college teaching and learning issues including learning theory, class management, pedagogical innovation, technology and more. With regular features and progressive coverage of developments as they happen, the Forum builds and supports an ongoing conversation about teaching and learning on campus.

Aims and Scope

The National Teaching and Learning Forum began publication in the fall of 1991 as a joint venture with the ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education. Each issue is part of an ongoing discourse in the academic field and provides faculty with a place to learn and discuss relevant topics and the latest developments in teaching and learning with their peers.

Articles in the Forum embrace a wide diversity of cross-disciplinary concerns in faculty development, classroom management, lesson planning, scholarly publishing, team teaching, online learning and teaching and more. The Forum encourages international contributions and regularly introduces American readers to significant research findings in teaching and learning outside the United States.

Editor James Rhem, who was a founding editor of earlier higher education newsletters including Academic Leader and The Teaching Professor, describes the kind of discourse the Forum strives to create. "The talk ranges from citations and addresses, the kind of useful facts and access keys friends scribble out for each other, to anecdotes that make a point, to serious arguments for a particular point of view, to familiar essays in which a faculty member distills wisdom from experience."

Regular features of the Forum include:

  • RESEARCH WATCH - Global analysis on key developments in scholarship and research in teaching and learning.

  • DEVELOPER'S DIARY - Progressive coverage in the developer's own words on Ed Nuhfer's "fractal" model, a systemic approach to thinking about both successful teaching and successful faculty development.

  • TECHPED - Contributing authors Michael L. Rodgers, Southeast Missouri State University and Tim Wilson, Pearson Higher Education, review ongoing issues and developments in technology in the classroom.

  • AD REM - A short, back-page column that focuses on tested wisdom about teaching. Author Marilla Svinicki, professor of psychology at University of Texas-Austin, brings the insights of cognitive psychology and her own ongoing experience teaching to this feature.

The National Teaching and Learning Forum publishes six times in the academic year. Online institutional subscriptions have access to a searchable archive of all back issues.


Higher education administrators, particularly those involved in professional development


College teaching, university teaching, learning, higher order thinking, faculty development, TA development, scholarship, scholarly publishing, classroom management, lesson planning, discussion leading, cooperative group learning, just-in-time teaching, team teaching, online learning, online teaching

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