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Atmospheric aerosols and climate over East Asia

As the most heavily populated and fastest-developing region of the world, East Asia is a major source of anthropogenic aerosols, which can affect air quality and climate. In addition, the arid regions of its interior are a significant source of dust in the atmosphere over the region. Aerosol emissions could have noticeable effects on weather and climate in the region.To unravel the complex relationships between the environment and climate changes, extensive studies were conducted in China to understand the sources, distribution, transportation and transformation, and climatic effects of the Asian aerosols. In an introduction to a Journal of Geophysical Research special section, Li et al. (2011) provide an overview of 30 investigations conducted as part of the East Asian Studies of Tropospheric Aerosols and their Impact on Regional Climate (EAST-AIRC) program. The papers in this special section deal with observations of the optical, physical, and chemical properties of atmospheric aerosols; their origins, transportation, and transformation; interactions between pollutants and dust aerosols; and the effects of aerosols on temperature, precipitation, and atmospheric circulation in the region as well as on the East Asian monsoon system as a whole. Collectively, these papers provide comprehensive information pertaining to the environment and climate of the region.

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