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Call for Papers

Call for Papers for "Origins and Properties of Kappa Distributions"

Submission acceptance begins: 1 April 2014
Submission deadline through: 31 July 2014

Guest Editor: Dr. George Livadiotis

Empirical kappa distributions provide a straightforward replacement of the Maxwell distribution for systems out of thermal equilibrium such as space plasmas. Kappa distributions have become increasingly widespread across space physics with the number of relevant papers following, remarkably, an exponential growth rate. However, the vast majority of these papers refers to various fits of kappa distributions rather than their theoretical aspects. Even more rare is the identification of mechanics that can lead to kappa distributions. Recent advances in Space Physics show the connection of kappa distributions with Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics. Now that their statistical framework has been identified, it is straightforward 1) to improve our understanding on the statistical origin of kappa distributions, 2) to develop the possible physical mechanisms that create this statistical environment that frames these distributions, and 3) to discover the properties of non-equilibrium thermodynamics that describe the populations of space and other natural/laboratory plasmas.

The collection of papers will strictly focus on the following three main subjects:
I) Statistical framework:
Theoretical developments that affect the underpinnings of our understanding of their framework of Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics.
II) Physical Mechanisms:
Theoretical developments of possible physical mechanisms that create i) the statistical environment of kappa distributions, and/or, ii) particle populations described by kappa distributions.
III) Applications in Space and other Plasmas:
Applications of kappa distributions that reveal statistical and/or thermodynamic properties of the examined plasmas. (E.g., relations between plasma parameters, thermodynamic processes, etc).

Manuscripts should be submitted through the GEMS Web site for JGR-Space Physics. Manuscripts should not be submitted before the opening date of the special section, 1 April 2014. If manuscripts are submitted before 1 April 2014, they cannot be electronically tracked and, therefore, may risk not being included in the special section.

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