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Editor: Marisa Spiniello. Editorial Board Chairs: Matthias Driess, Michal Hocek, Tetsuro Majima

Online ISSN: 2192-6506

Associated Title(s): Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Chemistry - A European Journal

October 04, 2012

New ISIS Chair in Supramolecular Chemistry

New ISIS Chair in Supramolecular Chemistry

From October 1st, 2012 Luisa De Cola begins her new post as ISIS Chair in Supramolecular Chemistry at Université de Strasbourg and CNRS, France. She is to lead the Laboratory of Supramolecular Chemistry and Biomaterials, and will focus on developing electroluminescent materials for optical and electroluminescent devices, and nanomaterials for imaging and diagnostics. One of her recent publication reports on melanin-like hydrogels. De Cola serves on the Editorial Board of ChemPlusChem.

Take a look at her interview on nanomaterials and chocolate

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