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Editor: Marisa Spiniello. Editorial Board Chairs: Matthias Driess, Michal Hocek, Tetsuro Majima

Online ISSN: 2192-6506

Associated Title(s): Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Chemistry - A European Journal

October 15, 2012

ChemPlusChem 10/2012: Molecular Magnets on Gold

ChemPlusChem 10/2012: Molecular Magnets on Gold

In the Full Papers section, Ulrich Siemeling et al. present the synthesis of two new rare-earth molecular magnets with very high blocking temperatures, and their immobilization onto gold surfaces while maintaining structural integrity. Yu Chen et al. demonstrate a novel method to make an electrochemical hydrazine sensor. The sensor consists of functionalized MWCNT and gold nanoparticles. The resulted sensor showed better performance (e.g. detection limit, linear range) compared to others already reported. Wouter Maes et al. report on a series of thiazolothiazole semiconductors that show promise as solution-processable organic field-effect transistors. Thomas M. Klapötke et al. succeed in evaluating several new tetrazoalate energetic materials by combining calculations and direct measurements.

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