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Editor: Marisa Spiniello. Editorial Board Chairs: Matthias Driess, Michal Hocek, Tetsuro Majima

Online ISSN: 2192-6506

Associated Title(s): Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Chemistry - A European Journal

August 15, 2013

ChemPlusChem 8/2013: A Helping Hand for Siloxane Formation

ChemPlusChem 8/2013: A Helping Hand for Siloxane Formation

Ryutaro Wakabayashi and Kazuyuki Kuroda propose that a more unifying look at the nonhydrolytic sol-gel process and Piers–Rubinsztajn reaction would pave the way to faster progress in the field with respect to the design, selectivity, and diversity of products. Find out more in their Minireview on Lewis acid mediated siloxane formation. In the full papers section Andreas Tsakalof et al. describe the synthesis of polymers imprinted with tri-O-acetyladenosine as mimics of the ATP receptor site in protein kinases. Meanwhile, Dezhi Chen et el. report a new one-pot template-free solvothermal method to synthesize pure α–MnS hollow spheres (MHS) and MHS–reduced graphene oxide hybrids and postulate a formation mechanism for the fabrication hollow of spheres. The MHS–RGO hybrids show remarkably enhanced lithium storage performance.

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