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  1. Enzymatic Synthesis of Novel Bavachinin Glucoside by UDP-glycosyltransferase (pages 376–378)

    Yiqun Dai, Tao Ma, Min Ge, Jing Li, Qiang Huo, Hong-Mei Li, Xinyu Zhang, Hao Liu and Cheng-Zhu Wu

    Article first published online: 27 APR 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/jccs.201500497

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    Novel bavachinin-4′-O-β-D-glucopyranoside have been synthesized and structurally characterized by the in vitro glycosylation reaction using a UDP-glucosyltransferase YjiC. Compared to the substrate (bavachinin), the water-solubility and anti-proliferative activities of bavachinin-4′-O-β-D-glucopyranoside have been investigated.

  2. Regio-selective Reduction of Oxysophoridine by Microorganism Isolated from Soil (pages 331–335)

    Shaobin Fu, Yi Li, Qingfeng Meng, Changwu Yue, Yongzhen Sun and Gang Wei

    Article first published online: 27 APR 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/jccs.201500501

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    OSR is a natural product with remarkable activities. Biocatalysis of OSR via microbes to prepare structural derivatives was reported for the first time. Soil bacteria T003 in 86 strains was found to be capacity of transforming OSR into only one reductive product SR with highly regio-selectivity. The MS also provided a new method for the preparation of SR except for traditional extraction from plants.

  3. Enhancements of Trifluoroacetic Acylated Five-membered Heterocyclic Compounds Using as Additives in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (pages 345–352)

    Chung-Chun Wang and Yeh-Fang Duann

    Article first published online: 27 APR 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/jccs.201500440

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    For adding each additive into I-/I3- electrolyte, the resistances of R2 are obviously decreased due to the additives which are helpful for improving short circuit current in DSSCs except pyrrole and N-Methylpyrrole. Electropolymerization of polypyrrole will change the concentration and disturb electrons transfer in electrolyte. Trifluoroacetic acylation will interrupt electropolymerization occurring, and furthermore short circuit current increase in DSSCs.

  4. One-pot and Environmentally Friendly Synthesis of New Spiroindolones Using Functionalized Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes as Powerful Catalyst

    Alimorad Rashidi, Ziba Tavakoli, Yaser Tarak, Saeed Khodabakhshi and Masoud Khaleghi Abbasabadi

    Article first published online: 5 APR 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/jccs.201500508

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    Multiwall carbon nanotubes were functionalized and then used as powerful nanocatalyst for the one-pot, three-component synthesis of new spiroindolones. Functionalized multiwall carbon nanotubes (FMWCNTs) showed a good catalytic ability and recyclability in the current reaction. The present strategy offers some interesting advantages such as simplicity, high yields of products, and non-toxic nature.

  5. Indium Trichloride (InCl3) Catalyzed Synthesis of Fused 7-Azaindole Derivatives Using Domino Knoevenagel-Michael Reaction (pages 323–330)

    Sakharam B. Dongare, Hemant V. Chavan, Datta N. Surwase, Pravin S. Bhale, Yoginath B. Mule and Babasaheb P. Bandgar

    Article first published online: 5 APR 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/jccs.201500540

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    Synopsis An efficient and high yielding methodology developed for the synthesis of fused 7-azaindole derivatives via one-pot multicomponent assembly process in the presence of indium trichloride as a versatile catalyst.