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January 13, 2015

Special Issue on Molecular Devices and Machines

The new special issue "Multicomponent Molecular-Level Devices and Machines" is now online.

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Recently Published Articles

  1. Efficient Palladium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Sulfonyl-Substituted Vinyl Arenes: Hydrazones Provide the Cross-Coupling Partner and Nucleophile Components

    Xin-Xing Wu, Si Chen, Wen-Long Chen, Li-Jing Wang, Pin Gao, Peng-Fei Xu and Yong-Min Liang

    Article first published online: 23 APR 2015 | DOI: 10.1002/ajoc.201500092

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    Completely assemble: Hydrazone as a double nucleophile in constructing sulfone derivatives is described. The two nucleophilic processes provide an efficient approach for the synthesis of various sulfonyl-substituted vinyl arenes with minimal waste and excellent atom economy. EWG=electron-withdrawing group.

  2. An electron accepting chromophore based on fluorene and naphthalenediimide blocks for solution-processable bulk heterojunction devices

    Sheshanath V. Bhosale, Akhil Gupta, Xizu Wang, Doli Srivani, Ben Alford, Vijila Chellappan, Ante Bilic, Hemlata Patil, Lathe A Jones, Sidhanath V Bhosale and Prashant Sonar

    Accepted manuscript online: 21 APR 2015 05:13AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/ajoc.201500112

  3. Copper-Catalyzed Oxidative C[BOND]H Amination: Synthesis of Imidazo[1,2-a]-N-Heterocycles from N-Heteroaryl Enaminones

    K. Ranjith Reddy, A. Siva Reddy, Ravi Shankar, Rajni Kant and Parthasarathi Das

    Article first published online: 16 APR 2015 | DOI: 10.1002/ajoc.201500052

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    Great cross: Copper(I)-catalyzed oxidative C[BOND]N bond cross-coupling reactions have been developed for the construction of imidazo[1,2-a]-N-heterocycles from readily available N-heteroaryl enaminones. This route offers significant flexibility to access these important heteroaromatic frameworks with unexplored and/or otherwise challenging substitution patterns.

  4. Synthesis,Structure and Properties of Core-modified Pentaphyrins Containing Six Meso Carbons

    Mangalampalli Ravikanth, Emandi Ganapathi, Tamal Chatterjee and Way-Zen Lee

    Accepted manuscript online: 16 APR 2015 10:13AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/ajoc.201500072

  5. Photooxidative Amidation of Aldehydes with Amines Catalyzed by Rose Bengal

    Franco King-Chi Leung, Dr. Jian-Fang Cui, Tze-Wai Hui, Dr. Karen Ka-Yan Kung and Dr. Man-Kin Wong

    Article first published online: 15 APR 2015 | DOI: 10.1002/ajoc.201500076

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    A rose by any other name: A catalytic method for the direct synthesis of tertiary amides from benzaldehydes and amines is possible through the synergistic role of a photocatalyst, rose bengal, and oxygen. This mild method is “green”, atom-economic, and environmental friendly compared with classic acylation reactions and transition-metal-catalyzed oxidative amidations, transamidation reactions, and visible-light-mediated C[BOND]H amidations.