Strategic Enrollment Management Quarterly

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Edited By: Thomas C. Green

Online ISSN: 2325-4750

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What is SEM?

SEM is a comprehensive process designed to help an institution achieve and maintain optimum enrollment, where optimum is defined within the academic context of the institution. It’s a concept and process that enables the fulfillment of institutional mission and students’ educational goals.

The purposes of SEM are achieved by
• Establishing clear goals for the number & types of students needed to fulfil the institutional mission
• Promoting student academic success by improving access, transition, retention, & graduation
• Promoting institutional success by enabling effective strategic & financial planning
• Creating a data-rich environment to inform decisions & evaluate strategies
• Improving process, organizational & financial efficiency & outcomes
• Establishing top quality student-centred service
• Strengthening communications & collaboration among departments across the campus to support the enrolment program

Major SEM Components
• SEM Organization
• Data Mining & Analysis
• SEM Plan
• Marketing
• Recruitment
• Admissions
• Financial Aid
• Student Services
• Retention

What SEM is not:
• A quick fix
• Solely an organizational structure
• An enhanced admission & marketing operation
• A financial drain on the institutional budget
• An administrative function separate from the academic mission of the institution


Virtual Issue: The Breadth of SEM: Perspectives from Four Years of SEMQ- Introduction by Tom Green, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief

Over the past 26 years of the conference, SEM has grown and evolved. The conference has grown to meet the ways in which SEM has expanded to address the entire student lifecycle and the myriad ways SEM has been implemented in public and private colleges and universities around the world.

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