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Edited by: Susan R. Komives, Editor and Kathy L. Guthrie, Associate Editor

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SLPKC Podcast with Dave Rosch on The Role of Student Organizations in Developing Leadership

Associate Editor Kathy Guthrie and I are pleased to announce a podcast partnership with NASPA’s Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community (SLPKC). As you may know, NASPA has been featuring a NASPA Leadership Podcast hosted by Myles Surrett. The NASPA Leadership Podcast will be featuring select issues of New Directions in Student Leadership (NDSL). Dr. Dave Rosch’s episode is available, where he discusses volume 155 of New Directions in Student Leadership, The Role of Student Organizations in Developing Leadership.

“One of the reasons I think leadership education is so cool is the refractory effect. So, like on a higher ed or on a secondary school campus, if students learn good leadership skills it’s not like that’s only an individual thing. The students learn those skills and then bring them back to the groups and organizations and relationships that those students themselves are already engaged in that then makes their organizations stronger, their relationships stronger. Those students then become role models for their peers.” - Dr. Dave Rosch, Associate Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Listen to the full Episode 32 of the NASPA Leadership Podcast featuring Dr. Dave Rosch as he discusses his work on the newly released NDSL issue by clicking here:

You can purchase this NDSL issue or subscribe to the NDSL series at:

You can access the free NDSL editor’s notes at: Enjoy this podcast and others that will be featured. These are great to listening on your commute, at your desk, or as a focus of a staff professional development conversation. We are happy to bring this good writing to life through interviews with NDSL editors.

Susan Komives

NDSL Call for Proposals

The New Directions for Student Leadership series explores leadership conceptual and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues in this series are grounded in scholarship featuring practical applications and good practices in youth and adult leadership education.

Topics proposed for New Directions for Student Leadership need to be accessible for uninformed readers, be based in scholarship, but provide strong applications to practice, and relate to developing leadership (for example, if your topic is on ethics, it needs to be clearly related to leadership). Topics need to appeal to a broad base of leadership educator readers and not focused on niche topics. These leadership educators include high school and pre-college experiences where possible. It is appropriate, however, to propose an issue uniquely targeting the college or high school experience. Usually, issue editors are recognized scholars in the field, have a record of publication, and preferably have some type of editorial experience.

Download a PDF version of the New Directions for Student Leadership Call for Proposals.

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