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Martian crystallography

Chains of hydrated Al atoms

A German team has crystallized five interesting water-rich hydrates of aluminium halides at very low temperatures, simulating possible environmental conditions on Mars. It is hoped that these results may help our understanding of the
chemistry of the Red Planet as revealed by several space probes, and provide insights into the possibility of low-temperature aqueous pools, possibly able to sustain life.

The first X-ray diffraction measurements on Mars


In 2012 the Mars Science Laboratory landed in the fascinating Gale crater. The Gale crater is of such great interest because of the 5.5 km high mountain of layered materials in the middle. This material tells an intricate story of the history of Mars, perhaps spanning much of the existence of this mysterious planet.

Unravelling the complexity of proteins


Knowledge of the three-dimensional structures of proteins is essential for understanding biological processes.

Structures help to explain molecular and biochemical functions, visualise details of macromolecular interactions, facilitate understanding of underlying biochemical mechanisms and define biological concepts.

Coherence comes into the fold

From their discovery to this day, X-rays have been used for imaging. Defined broadly as techniques that permit characterization of the spatial distribution of matter, imaging encompasses fields from medical applications to X-ray microscopy and even crystallography.

A laboratory grade hybrid pixel detector


For the first time a group of authors present a pixel detector mounted on a commercial goniometer, equipped with a microfocus X-ray source, to generate high-resolution X-ray data.

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