Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics

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Edited By: David Elliott

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Virtual Issue: Glaucoma

Edited by John Lawrenson

Glaucoma is an insidious blinding disease that has been referred as ‘the silent thief of sight’, as sufferers are often unaware of their slowly progressive visual field loss until its advanced stages when the field defect encroaches into their central vision.

This virtual issue contains a collection of recent papers (post July 2007) from Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics that relate primarily to the case detection of glaucoma by community optometrists. It is hoped that the collection of papers will be of interest to commissioners and healthcare planners to inform future service developments to enhance glaucoma case detection.

Read the Editorial: Glaucoma: the challenge of early case detection

Glaucoma in optometric practice: a survey of optometrists
Willis CE, Rankin SJ, Jackson AJ. (2000)

Positive predictive value of optometrist-initiated referrals for glaucoma
Theodossiades J, Murdoch I. (1999)

An exploratory study of visual search performance in glaucoma
Smith ND, Crabb DP, Garway-Heath DF. (20011)

Inferior visual field reductions are associated with poorer functional status among older adults with glaucoma
Black AA, Wood JM, Lovie-Kitchin JE.(2011)

A national survey of diagnostic tests reported by UK community optometrists for the detection of chronic open angle glaucoma
Myint J, Edgar DF, Kotecha A, Murdoch IE, Lawrenson JG. (2011)

Barriers perceived by UK-based community optometrists to the detection of primary open angle glaucoma
Myint J, Edgar DF, Kotecha A, Murdoch IE, Lawrenson JG. (2010)

Does optometrists' self-reported practice in glaucoma detection predict actual practice as determined by standardised patients?
Theodossiades J, Myint J, Murdoch IE, Edgar DF, Lawrenson JG. (2012)

Assessment of referrals to the hospital eye service by optometrists and GPs in Bradford and Airedale
Davey CJ, Green C, Elliott DB. (2011)

The quality of optometrists' referral letters for glaucoma
Scully ND, Chu L, Siriwardena D, Wormald R, Kotecha A. (2009)

Comparison of optometrist glaucoma referrals against published guidelines
Khan S, Clarke J, Kotecha A. (2012)

An analysis of patients discharged from a hospital-based glaucoma case-finding clinic over a 3-year period
Salmon NJ, Terry HP, Farmery AD, Salmon JF. (2007)

NICE - impact on glaucoma case detection
Shah S, Murdoch IE. (2011)

Comparison of the effectiveness of two enhanced glaucoma referral schemes
Parkins DJ, Edgar DF. (2011)