Oil and Energy Trends

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Edited By: Janis Hunt

Online ISSN: 1744-7992

Associated Title(s): Oil and Energy Trends: Annual Statistical Review, World Oil Trade

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World Oil Trade- now available online!
Published annually and continually improved each year in scope, currency and detail, World Oil Trade presents an unparalleled view of world oil trading relationships.

World Oil Trade

Oil and Energy Trends: Annual Statistical Review- now available online!
An invaluable resource, representing the most comprehensive country-by-country analysis of energy data now published.

Oil and Energy Trends: Annual Statistical Review

Want to know about EUROPEAN ENERGY SECURITY? Read Oil and Energy Trends!

Starting in Volume 39 Issue 5, Oil and Energy Trends features focused EUROPEAN ENERGY SECURITY articles by Consulting Editor Dr. Paul McDonald.

With in-depth commentary and analysis, Dr. McDonald summarizes the latest developments and considers the impact on the European energy security debate.

Subscribers to Oil & Energy Trends can keep in touch with events and their implications for global energy security and oil prices. Coverage includes not only the current trouble spots, such as Iraq, Libya and Ukraine, but also looks at possible new sources of energy such as oil and gas from shale, with links to background articles from OET's extensive archive.

Stay informed - read EUROPEAN ENERGY SECURITY articles here

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