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Edited By: Michael F. Fay

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Monocots Virtual Issue

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Monocots (c. 25% of flowering plants) number some 60000 species, of which > 25000 and > 11000 are orchids (Orchidaceae) and grasses (Poaceae), respectively, the latter group being of huge economic importance as the source of many of the major crops for human and animal food. Other well-known groups include sedges, rushes, palms and lilies, but, as discussed at previous Monocots Conferences, the monocots also encompass many taxa which were little known and difficult to place in classifications until the advent of analyses based on DNA sequence data.

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To mark the 5th International Conference on Comparative Biology of Monocotyledons (Monocots V) to be held in New York in July, a Virtual Issue of the journal has been compiled which includes ten significant papers from the 19th–early 21st centuries to show how the study of monocots has been represented in the Linnean Society journals and how it has changed over this period. These illustrate the use of morphological, anatomical, biochemical and molecular data for clarifying patterns of relationships, dating lineages etc. In addition, two issues (172, 1 & 3) present contemporary studies of monocots.

Monocots Editorial
M. Fay

On the Distribution of the Monocotyledonous Orders into Primary Groups, more especially in reference to the Australian Flora, with notes on some points of Terminology.
G. Bentham

Contributions to the Knowledge of Monocotyledonous Saprophytes.
P. Groom

On the Leaf-tips of certain Monocotyledons.
A. Arber

Serological evidence on the distinctness of the monocotyledonous families Flagellariaceae, Hanguanaceae and Joinvilleaceae
D. Lee, Y. Pin, L. Yew

Monocotylar seedlings: a review of evidence supporting an origin by fusion
R. Haines, K. Lye

A revised system of classification of the angiosperms
R. Dahlgren

An updated angiosperm classification
G. Dahlgren

Epidermal patterns of the reticulate-veined Liliiflorae and their parallel-veined allies
M. Conover

Apostasiads, systematic anatomy, and the origins of Orchidaceae
W. Stern, V. Cheadle, J. Thorsch

The age of major monocot groups inferred from 800+ rbcL sequences
T. Janssen, K. Bremer