Journal of Fish Biology

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Edited By: J.F. Craig

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Online ISSN: 1095-8649

Editor's Choice

These recently published papers are recommended by the Editors:

Social status-dependent nest choice of territorial males under reproductive parasitism in a Lake Tanganyika cichlid Telmatochromis vittatus
K. Ota, M. Kohda

You are what you eat, whenever or wherever you eat it: an integrative analysis of fish food habits in Canadian and U.S.A. waters
A. Bundy, J. S. Link, B. E. Smith, A. M. Cook

Age structure of annual Nothobranchius fishes in Mozambique: is there a hatching synchrony?
M. Polačik, M. T. Donner, M. Reichard

Is there genetic variation in the response to competition intensity in juvenile brown trout Salmo trutta?
G. Robertsen, E. Kvingedal and S. Einum

Foraging, bioenergetic and predation constraints on diel vertical migration: field observations and modelling of reverse migration by young-of-the-year herring Clupea harengus
O. P. Jensen, S. Hansson, T. Didrikas, J. D. Stockwell, T. R. Hrabik, T. Axenrot and J. F. Kitchell

Gene expression analysis for the identification of selection and local adaptation in fishes
P. F. Larsen, P. M. Schulte, E. E. Nielsen

Behavioural syndromes in fishes: a review with implications for ecology and fisheries management
J. L. Conrad, K. L. Weinersmith, T. Brodin, J. B. Saltz, A. Sih

Size-dependent survival of brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis in summer: effects of water temperature and stream flow
C. L. Xu, B. H. Letcher and K. H. Nislow

Early life stage salinity tolerance of wild and hatchery-reared juvenile pink salmon Oncorhynchus gorbuscha
A. M. Grant, M. Gardner, L. M. Hanson, A. P. Farrell and C. J. Brauner