International Journal of Nautical Archaeology

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Edited By: Miranda Richardson

Online ISSN: 1095-9270

Editorial Board

iranda Richardson

Book Reviews Editor

Paula Martin

Advisory Editors
Béat Arnold (Musée cantonal d’archéologie, Nêuchâtel, Switzerland)
Lucy Blue (Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Southampton, UK)

Toni Carrell (Ships of Discovery, Galveston, USA)

Dolores Elkin (National Institute of Anthropology, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Valerie Fenwick (Blaxhall, Suffolk, UK)

N. C. Flemming (Oceanography Centre, Southampton University, UK)

Jeremy Green (Western Australia Maritime Museum, Fremantle, Australia)

Nergis Gunsenin (Istanbul University, Turkey)

Fred Hocker (Vasa Museum, Stockholm, Sweden)
Jun Kimura (Department of Maritime Civilizations, Tokai University, Japan)

Seán McGrail (Centre for Maritime Archaeology, Southampton University, UK)

Colin Martin (School of History, University of St Andrews, Scotland)

Eric Rieth (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France)

Cheryl Ward (Florida State University, USA)