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Edited By: Yusuke Nakamura

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ECT2 amplification and overexpression as a new prognostic biomarker for early-stage lung adenocarcinoma
Yoshihiko Murata, Yuko Minami, et al.

MKK7 mediates miR-493-dependent suppression of liver metastasis of colon cancer cells
Hiroaki Sakai, Ai Sato, et al.

Context-dependent activation of Wnt signaling by tumor suppressor RUNX3 in gastric cancer cells
Xiaoli Ju, Tomo-o Ishikawa, et al.

Hedgehog signaling pathway is a potential therapeutic target for gallbladder cancer
Shojiro Matsushita, Hideya Onishi, et al.

Fluorescence-lifetime molecular imaging can detect invisible peritoneal ovarian tumors in bloody ascites
Takahito Nakajima, Kohei Sano, et al.

MicroRNA-16 inhibits glioma cell growth and invasion through suppression of BCL2 and the nuclear factor-κB1/MMP9 signaling pathway
Tian-Quan Yang, Xiao-Jun Lu, et al.

MicroRNA-143 regulates collagen type III expression in stromal fibroblasts of scirrhous type gastric cancer
Yutaka Naito, Naoya Sakamoto, et al.

MicroRNA-148a is downregulated in gastric cancer, targets MMP7, and indicates tumor invasiveness and poor prognosis
Naoya Sakamoto, Yutaka Naito, et al.

N1-guanyl-1,7-diaminoheptane sensitizes bladder cancer cells to doxorubicin by preventing epithelial–mesenchymal transition through inhibition of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A2 activation
Jinsong Yang, Haogang Yu, et al.

NRD1, which encodes nardilysin protein, promotes esophageal cancer cell invasion through induction of MMP2 and MMP3 expression
Naohiro Uraoka, Naohide Oue, et al.

Ganglioside GD3 induces convergence and synergism of adhesion and hepatocyte growth factor/Met signals in melanomas
Keiko Furukawa, Mariko Kambe, et al.

Flumatinib, a selective inhibitor of BCR-ABL/PDGFR/KIT, effectively overcomes drug resistance of certain KIT mutants
Jie Zhao, Haitian Quan, et al.

Identification of small molecule inhibitors of p27Kip1 ubiquitination by high-throughput screening
Li-Ching Ooi, Nobumoto Watanabe, et al.

Functional role of CD44v-xCT system in the development of spasmolytic polypeptide-expressing metaplasia
Takeyuki Wada, Takatsugu Ishimoto, et al.

Identification of integrin α3 as a molecular marker of cells undergoing epithelial–mesenchymal transition and of cancer cells with aggressive phenotypes
Takuya Shirakihara, Tomonori Kawasaki, et al.

Report of the Japan Diabetes Society/Japanese Cancer Association joint committee on diabetes and cancer
Masato Kasuga, Kohjiro Ueki, et al.

Sorting nexin 2-mediated membrane trafficking of c-Met contributes to sensitivity of molecular-targeted drugs
Sayaka Ogi, Hideaki Fujita, et al.

Prostate cancer stem-like cells/cancer-initiating cells have an autocrine system of hepatocyte growth factor
Sachiyo Nishida, Yoshihiko Hirohashi, et al.

High expression of KIBRA in low atypical protein kinase C-expressing gastric cancer correlates with lymphatic invasion and poor prognosis
Yohei Yoshihama, Yusuke Izumisawa, et al.

MiR-150is associated with poor prognosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma via targeting the EMT inducer ZEB1
Takehiko Yokobori, Shigemasa Suzuki, et al.

Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase-1 inhibitor as a potent therapeutic drug for the treatment of gastric cancer
Yoku Hayakawa, Yoshihiro Hirata, et al.

SYT-SSX breakpoint peptide vaccines in patients with synovial sarcoma: A study from the Japanese Musculoskeletal Oncology Group
Satoshi Kawaguchi, Tomohide Tsukahara, et al.

Anti-angiogenesis effect of 3′-sulfoquinovosyl-1′-monoacylglycerol via upregulation of thrombospondin 1
Kayo Matsuki, Atsushi Tanabe, et al.

Regulation of glioblastoma multiforme stem-like cells by inhibitor of DNA binding proteins and oligodendroglial lineage-associated transcription factors
Yanjue Wu, Jean-Philippe Richard, et al.

Silencing of connexin 43 suppresses invasion, migration and lung metastasis of rat hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Kumiko Ogawa, Pornsiri Pitchakarn, et al.

Dickkopf-1 inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition of colon cancer cells and contributes to colon cancer suppression
Lisha Qi, Baocun Sun, et al.

Changes in blood vessel maturation in the fibrous cap of the tumor rim
Hisamichi Naito, Kazuhiro Takara, et al.

Integrated analysis of whole genome exon array and array-comparative genomic hybridization in gastric and colorectal cancer cells
Kazuyuki Furuta, Tokuzo Arao, et al.

Transforming growth factor-β-stimulated clone-22 is a negative-feedback regulator of Ras / Raf signaling: Implications for tumorigenesis
Masaki Nakamura, Jiro Kitaura, et al.

Asbestos surface provides a niche for oxidative modification
Hirotaka Nagai, Toshikazu Ishihara, et al.

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Epigenetic dysregulation in glioma
Yutaka Kondo, Keisuke Katsushima, et al.

Targeting DNA damage response in cancer therapy
Noriko Hosoya and Kiyoshi Miyagawa

Gist of Dr. Katsusaburo Yamagiwa's papers entitled “Experimental study on the pathogenesis of epithelial tumors”
Hirota Fujiki

Clinical significance of macrophage heterogeneity in human malignant tumors
iro Komohara, Masahisa Jinushi, et al.

P16INK4A as a surrogate biomarker for human papillomavirus-associated oropharyngeal carcinoma: Consideration of some aspects
Hongzhi Wang, Rui Sun, et al.

Heterogeneity of tumor endothelial cells
Kyoko Hida, Noritaka Ohga, et al.

RETfusion gene: Translation to personalized lung cancer therapy
Takashi Kohno, Koji Tsuta, et al.

Newly developed strategies for improving sensitivity to radiation by targeting signal pathways in cancer therapy
Miao Ding, Erlong Zhang, et al.

Capturing the mammalian Hippo: Elucidating its role in cancer
Miki Nishio, Kohei Otsubo, et al.

Tying the knot between cytokine and toll-like receptor signaling in gastrointestinal tract cancers
Hazel Tye and Brendan J. Jenkins

Mechanistic / mammalian target protein of rapamycin signaling in hematopoietic stem cells and leukemia
Atsushi Hirao and Takayuki Hoshii

Human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 non-structural proteins: Requirements for latent infection
Risaku Fukumoto

The link between infection and cancer: Tumor vasculature, free radicals, and drug delivery to tumors via the EPR effect
Hiroshi Maeda

Portrait of replication stress viewed from telomeres
Fuyuki Ishikawa

Roles of histone methyl-modifying enzymes in development and progression of cancer
Takeshi Suzuki, Minoru Terashima, et al.

Role of microRNA in the pathogenesis of malignant lymphoma
Hiroyuki Tagawa, Sho Ikeda, et al.

Oncogenic role of kinesin proteins and targeting kinesin therapy
Xinran Liu, Hao Gong and Kun Huang

Roles and mechanisms of cellular senescence in regulation of tissue homeostasis
Naoko Ohtani and Eiji Hara