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  1. Research Reports

    1. Personality and smoking: individual-participant meta-analysis of 9 cohort studies

      Christian Hakulinen, Mirka Hintsanen, Marcus R. Munafò, Marianna Virtanen, Mika Kivimäki, G. David Batty and Markus Jokela

      Accepted manuscript online: 30 JUL 2015 07:51AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13079

    2. Understanding Americans’ Views on Opioid Pain Reliever Abuse

      Colleen L. Barry, Alene Kennedy Hendricks, Sarah E. Gollust, Jeff Niederdeppe, Marcus A. Bachhuber, Daniel Webster and Emma E. McGinty

      Accepted manuscript online: 25 JUL 2015 07:50AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13077

    3. Cocaine-specific neuroplasticity in the ventral striatum network are linked to delay discounting and drug relapse

      Oren Contreras-Rodríguez, Natalia Albein-Urios, José C. Perales, José M. Martínez-Gonzalez, Raquel Vilar-López, María J. Fernández-Serrano, Oscar Lozano-Rojas and Antonio Verdejo-García

      Accepted manuscript online: 25 JUL 2015 06:51AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13076

    4. A cost-effectiveness analysis of opioid substitution therapy upon release in reducing mortality among prisoners with a history of opioid dependence

      Natasa Gisev, Marian Shanahan, Don J. Weatherburn, Richard P. Mattick, Sarah Larney, Lucy Burns and Louisa Degenhardt

      Accepted manuscript online: 25 JUL 2015 05:56AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13073

    5. Natural Outcome of Cannabis Use Disorder: a Three-Year Longitudinal Follow-Up

      Daniel Feingold, Jonah Fox, Jürgen Rehm and Shaul Lev-Ran

      Accepted manuscript online: 25 JUL 2015 05:27AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13071

    6. Shared Additive Genetic Influences on DSM-IV Criteria for Alcohol Dependence in Subjects of European Ancestry

      Rohan H. C. Palmer, John E. McGeary, Andrew C. Heath, Matthew C. Keller, Leslie A. Brick and Valerie S. Knopik

      Accepted manuscript online: 25 JUL 2015 04:29AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13070

    7. Drug use in Australian nightlife settings: estimation of prevalence and validity of self-report

      Peter Miller, Ashlee Curtis, Rebecca Jenkinson, Nicolas Droste, Steven J. Bowe and Amy Pennay

      Accepted manuscript online: 18 JUL 2015 12:21PM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13060

    8. Predictors of comorbid poly-substance use and mental health disorders in young adults – a latent class analysis

      Caroline L. Salom, Kim S. Betts, Gail M. Williams, Jackob M. Najman and Rosa Alati

      Accepted manuscript online: 18 JUL 2015 09:05AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13058

    9. Prevalence of and motives for pharmacological neuroenhancement in Switzerland–results from a national Internet panel

      Larissa J. Maier, Severin Haug and Michael P. Schaub

      Accepted manuscript online: 18 JUL 2015 08:51AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13059

  2. Reviews

    1. How does the alcohol industry attempt to influence marketing regulations? A systematic review

      E. Savell, G. Fooks and A. B. Gilmore

      Accepted manuscript online: 15 JUL 2015 05:38AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13048

  3. Research Reports

    1. E-cigarettes and expectancies: why do some users keep smoking?

      Paul T. Harrell, Vani N. Simmons, Barbara Piñeiro, John B. Correa, Nicole S. Menzie, Lauren R. Meltzer, Marina Unrod and Thomas H. Brandon

      Accepted manuscript online: 14 JUL 2015 09:01AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13043

    2. The long-term effect of a population-based lifestyle intervention on smoking and alcohol consumption. The Inter99 Study – a randomized controlled trial

      Sophie Baumann, Ulla Toft, Mette Aadahl, Torben Jørgensen and Charlotta Pisinger

      Accepted manuscript online: 14 JUL 2015 09:01AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13052

    3. Internet-based brief intervention for young men with unhealthy alcohol use: a randomized controlled trial in a general population sample

      Nicolas Bertholet, John A. Cunningham, Mohamed Faouzi, Jacques Gaume, Gerhard Gmel, Bernard Burnand and Jean-Bernard Daeppen

      Accepted manuscript online: 14 JUL 2015 09:00AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13051

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      Cannabis use among Swedish men in adolescence and the risk of adverse life course outcomes: results from a 20 year-follow-up study

      Anna-Karin Danielsson, Daniel Falkstedt, Tomas Hemmingsson, Peter Allebeck and Emilie Agardh

      Accepted manuscript online: 14 JUL 2015 08:55AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13042

    5. Impacts of New Zealand's lowered minimum purchase age on context-specific drinking and related risks

      Paul J. Gruenewald, Andrew J. Treno, William R. Ponicki, Taisia Huckle, Li Chia Yeh and Sally Casswell

      Accepted manuscript online: 27 JUN 2015 04:51PM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13034

    6. Licit and illicit substance use among people who inject drugs and the association with subsequent suicidal attempt

      Andreea Adelina Artenie, Julie Bruneau, Élise Roy, Geng Zang, François Lespérance, Johanne Renaud, Joël Tremblay and Didier Jutras-Aswad

      Accepted manuscript online: 27 JUN 2015 02:31PM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13030

    7. Changes in the rate of nicotine metabolism across pregnancy: a longitudinal study

      Katharine Bowker, Sarah Lewis, Tim Coleman and Sue Cooper

      Accepted manuscript online: 27 JUN 2015 01:56PM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13029

    8. Are overdoses treated by ambulance services an opportunity for additional interventions? a prospective cohort study

      Linn Gjersing and Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen

      Accepted manuscript online: 27 JUN 2015 12:46PM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.13026

  4. Notice of Temporary Withdrawal

    1. Effect of warning statements in e-cigarette advertisements: an experiment with young adults in the US

      Ashley Sanders-Jackson, Nina C. Schleicher, Stephen P. Fortmann and Lisa Henriksen

      Accepted manuscript online: 4 JAN 2015 07:33PM EST | DOI: 10.1111/add.12838


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