Molecular Plant Pathology

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Opinion Piece

Molecular Plant Pathology is now publishing Opinion Pieces, to foster discussion around critical topics in plant science.

There are many aspects/ issues in the field of molecular plant pathology that are not ‘black and white’ and where there is not always a consensus of opinion. These new pieces acknowledge this and are intended to serve as forum for healthy discussion and debate, both within the journal's scope and, since science should not occur in a vacuum, on broader topics beyond the research described in Molecular Plant Pathology.

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Volume 17, Issue 5
The influence of funding sources on the scientific method
Laura Okagaki and Ralph A. Dean

Volume 17, Issue 4
Disease susceptibility in the Zig-Zag model of host–microbe interactions: only a consequence of immune suppression?
Harald Keller, Laurent Boyer and Pierre Abad

Volume 17, Issue 3
Gram-negative phytopathogenic bacteria, all hemibiotrophs after all?
Yvan Kraepiel and Marie-Anne Barny

Volume 17, Issue 2
Are lichens potential natural reservoirs for plant pathogens?
Oddur Vilhelmsson, Auður Sigurbjörnsdóttir, Martin Grube and Monica Höfte

Volume 16, Issue 6
Spread of introduced viruses to new plants in natural ecosystems and the threat this poses to plant biodiversity
Roger Jones and Brenda Coutts

Volume 16, Issue 4
A new look at plant viruses and their potential beneficial roles in crops
Marilyn J. Roossinck

Volume 16, Issue 3

Pathogen small RNAs: a new class of effectors for pathogen attacks
Ming Wang, Arne Weiberg and Hailing Jin

Volume 15, Issue 9
The zigzag model of plant–microbe interactions: is it time to move on?
Leighton Pritchard and Paul R. J. Birch

Volume 15, Issue 8
Horizontal chromosome transfer and rational strategies to manage Fusarium vascular wilt diseases
Li-Jun Ma

Volume 15, Issue 7
A silenced spring?
Andy M. Bailey

Volume 15, Issue 6
Plant-driven genome selection of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Erik Limpens andRené Geurts

Volume 15, Issue 5
Resistance to phytopathogens e tutti quanti: placing plant quantitative disease resistance on the map
Fabrice Roux, Derry Voisin, Thomas Badet, Claudine Balagué, Xavier Barlet, Carine Huard-Chauveau, Dominique Roby and Sylvain Raffaele

Volume 15, Issue 4
Plant Pathology 2.0
Seogchan Kang

Volume 15, Issue 3
Journal impact factors and the influence of age and number of citations
Christian Nansen and William G. Meikle

Volume 15, Issue 2
Genetically modified (GM) crops: European and transatlantic divisions
Jim M. Dunwell

Volume 15, Issue 1
Out of the woods. Ash dieback and the future of emergent pathogenomics
Dan MacLean

Volume 14, Issue 9
Ash dieback in the UK: a wake-up call
Steve Woodward and Eric Boa