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Pathogen Profiles - Nematodes

Pathogen Profile Nematodes

This virtual issue of Molecular Plant Pathology contains Pathogen Profiles of plant nematodes. Each review contains a brief summary, which can include pathogen taxonomy, life cycle and host range. Disease symptoms and strategies for disease management may also be presented. Useful websites are often listed here. Each review then goes on to discuss the particular pathogen in detail, presenting the latest research and strategies for future work.

Pathogen Profile Nematodes

Plant nematodes cause disease worldwide. They have a major impact on agriculture.

Plant nematodes are microscopic worms that feed on living plant tissue. Most plant nematode species feed on roots, but a few important species feed in plant shoots. All plant nematodes pierce the rigid plant cell wall with a sharp, hollow stylet to feed. They also secrete effector proteins from their stylet such as enzymes that digest plant cell wall components and other effectors that can orchestrate dramatic changes in selected host plant cells to form sustained feeding sites such as syncytia and giant-cells. Root necrosis and destruction, and root galls induced by some species, lead to reduced water and nutrient uptake by the plant. Disease symptoms induced in plant shoots by nematodes include chlorosis, necrosis, plant stunting, reduced yield, and sometimes plant death. A limited number of nematode species can also transmit plant viruses.

These Pathogen Profiles set out our understanding of plant pathogenic nematodes in a clear and accessible way. They are ideal for research or teaching purposes.

Root-knot nematode parasitism and host response: molecular basis of a sophisticated interaction
Pierre Abad, Bruno Favery, Marie-Noëlle Rosso, Philippe Castagnone-Sereno

Molecular aspects of cyst nematodes
Catherine J. Lilley, Howard J. Atkinson, Peter E. Urwin

Emerging molecular knowledge on Radopholus similis, an important nematode pest of banana
Annelies Haegeman, Annemie Elsen, Dirk De Waele, Godelieve Gheysen