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Pathogen Profiles - Oomycetes

Pathogen Profile Oomycetes

This virtual issue of Molecular Plant Pathology contains Pathogen Profiles of plant pathogenic oomycetes. Each review contains a brief summary, which can include pathogen taxonomy, life cycle and host range. Disease symptoms and strategies for disease management may also be presented. Useful websites are often listed here. Each review then goes on to discuss the particular pathogen in detail, presenting the latest research and strategies for future work.

Pathogen Profile Oomycetes

Oomycetes are particularly devastating plant pathogens, reducing fields of healthy crops to blackened stalks in a matter of days. Their impact on agriculture is immense.

Oomycetes were originally thought to be fungi. However, molecular, genetic and biochemical studies now clearly define them as a distinct group of organisms, more closely related to diatoms and brown algae. Oomycetes produce effector proteins that suppress the plant’s defence responses, and yet may be detected by co-evolving host resistance proteins. Often referred to as an ‘arms race’, this endless evolutionary battle between oomycete and plant host is an extremely interesting and active area of scientific research.

These Pathogen Profiles set out our understanding of plant pathogenic oomycetes in a clear and accessible way. They are ideal for research or teaching purposes.

The cucurbit downy mildew pathogen Pseudoperonospora cubensis
Elizabeth A. Savory, Leah L. Granke, Lina M. Quesada-Ocampo, Marina Varbanova, Mary K. Hausbeck and Brad Day

The oomycete broad-host-range pathogen Phytophthora capsici
Kurt H. Lamour, Remco Stam, Julietta Jupe and Edgar Huitema

Phytophthora infestans enters the genomics era
Paul R. J. Birch, Stephen C. Whisson

Downy mildew of Arabidopsis thaliana caused by Hyaloperonospora parasitica (formerly Peronospora parasitica)
Alan J. Slusarenko, Nikolaus L. Schlaich

Phytophthora cinnamomi
Adrienne R. Hardham

Phytophthora sojae: root rot pathogen of soybean and model oomycete
Brett M. Tyler

Root rot disease of legumes caused by Aphanomyces euteiches
Elodie Gaulin, Christophe Jacquet, Arnaud Bottin, Bernard Dumas

Phytophthora ramorum: a pathogen with a remarkably wide host range causing sudden oak death on oaks and ramorum blight on woody ornamentals
Niklaus J. Grünwald, Erica M. Goss, Caroline M. Press

Tobacco blue mould disease caused by Peronospora hyoscyami f. sp. tabacina
Orlando Borrás-Hidalgo, Bart P. H. J. Thomma, Yussuan Silva, Osmany Chacón, Merardo Pujol