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- efficiency and economics

Special Collection: Efficiency and Economics


‘The workman is worthy of his hire’ What is an anaesthetist worth in 2010?
W. Harrop-Griffiths

The limitations of using operating room utilisation to allocate surgeons more or less surgical block time in the USA
A. Macario

The Tariff – traps for the unwary
N. Edwards

Who knows how many anaesthetists we need?
N. Redfern and W. Harrop-Griffiths

Original Articles

Measuring the quantitative performance of surgical operating lists: theoretical modelling of ‘productive potential’ and ‘efficiency’
J. J. Pandit, D. Stubbs and M. Pandit

Causes for cancellation of elective surgical procedures in a Spanish general hospital
A. González-Arévalo, J. I. Gómez-Arnau, F. J. DelaCruz, J. M. Marzal, S. Ramírez, E. M. Corral and S. García-del-Valle

Estimating hourly anaesthetic and surgical reimbursement from private medical insurers’ benefit maxima: implications for pricing services and for incentives
D. Stubbs, M. E. Ward and J. J. Pandit

Understanding waiting lists as the matching of surgical capacity to demand: are we wasting enough surgical time?
J. J. Pandit, M. Pandit and J. M. Reynard

Cost estimates of spinal versus general anaesthesia for fractured neck of femur surgery
A. Chakladar and S. M. White

Factors affecting the profitability of surgical procedures under ‘Payment by Results’
T. Abbott, S. M. White and J. J. Pandit

Estimating the time needed for induction of anaesthesia and its importance in balancing anaesthetists’ and surgeons’ waiting times around the start of surgery
T. Koenig, C. Neumann, T. Ocker, S. Kramer, C. Spies and M. Schuster

Incidence and estimated annual cost of emergency laparotomy in England: is there a major funding shortfall?
S. L. Shapter, M. J. Paul and S. M. White

Is ‘starting on time’ useful (or useless) as a surrogate measure for ‘surgical theatre efficiency’?
J. J. Pandit, T. Abbott, M. Pandit, A. Kapila and R. Abraham

Clinical and economic impact of a switch from high- to low-volume renal replacement therapy in patients with acute kidney injury

Paterson, A. L., Johnston, A. J., Kingston, D. and Mahroof, R.

Mathematical modelling of patient flows to predict critical care capacity required following the merger of two district general hospitals into one

Williams, J., Dumont, S., Parry-Jones, J., Komenda, I., Griffiths, J. and Knight, V.

Cost comparison of re-usable and single-use fibrescopes in a large English teaching hospital

McCahon, R. A. and Whynes, D. K.

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