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Edited By: Dr A. A. Klein, Cambridge, UK

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May Issue

Sugammadex, airway obstruction, and drifting across the ethical divide: a personal account
B. McGuire and A. J. Dalton

Secondary analysis of outcomes after 11,085 hip fracture operations from the prospective UK Anaesthesia Sprint Audit of Practice (ASAP-2)
S. M. White, I. K. Moppett, R. Griffiths, A. Johansen, R. Wakeman, C. Boulton, F. Plant, A. Williams, K. Pappenheim, A. Majeed, C. T. Currie and M. P. W. Grocott

A comparison of intranasal dexmedetomidine for sedation in children administered either by atomiser or by drops
B. L. Li, N. Zhang, J. X. Huang, Q. Q. Qiu, H. Tian, J. Ni, X. R. Song, V. M. Yuen and M. G. Irwin

April Issue

An analysis of 1505 consecutive patients receiving continuous interscalene analgesia at home: a multicentre prospective safety study
M. J. Fredrickson, P. Leightley, A. Wong, M. Chaddock, A. Abeysekera and C. Frampton

Self-administered methoxyflurane for procedural analgesia: experience in a tertiary Australasian centre
A. L. Gaskell, C. G. Jephcott, J. R. Smithells and J. W. Sleigh

A systematic review of capnography for sedation
A. Conway, C. Douglas and J. R. Sutherland

March Issue

The importance of obstructive sleep apnoea management in peri-operative medicine
D. Dawson, M. Singh and F. Chung

A randomised controlled trial of intrathecal blockade versus peripheral nerve blockade for day-case knee arthroscopy
A. L. Ambrosoli, M. Chiaranda, L. L. Fedele, M. Gemma, V. Cedrati and G. Cappelleri

The measurement of adult blood pressure and management of hypertension before elective surgery
A. Hartle, T. McCormack, J. Carlisle, S. Anderson, A. Pichel, N. Beckett, T. Woodcock and A. Heagerty

February Issue

Asked and answered: is the mortality associated with cardiac surgery related to the anaesthetist and should it be used to measure anaesthetic performance?
R. P. Alston

The contribution of the anaesthetist to risk-adjusted mortality after cardiac surgery
O. Papachristofi, L. D. Sharples, J. H. Mackay, S. A. M. Nashef, S. N. Fletcher, A. A. Klein and on behalf of the Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthetists (ACTA)

A prospective observational study of maternal oxygenation during remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia use in labour
A. A. Messmer, J. M. Potts and C. E. Orlikowski

A systematic review of ultrasound-guided methods for brachial plexus blockade
E. Albrecht, J. Mermoud, N. Fournier, C. Kern and K. R. Kirkham

January Issue

Surgical caseload and the risk of surgical Never Events in England
I. K. Moppett and S. H. Moppett

Nasotracheal intubation in patients with limited mouth opening: a comparison between fibreoptic intubation and the Trachway®
M. C. Lee, K. Y. Tseng, Y. C. Shen, C. H. Lin, C. W. Hsu, H. J. Hsu, I. C. Lu and K. I. Cheng

Recommendations for standards of monitoring during anaesthesia and recovery 2015 : Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland
M. R. Checketts, R. Alladi, K. Ferguson, L. Gemmell, J. M. Handy, A. A. Klein, N. J. Love, U. Misra, C. Morris, M. H. Nathanson, G. E. Rodney, R. Verma and J. J. Pandit

Physiological controversies and methods used to determine fluid responsiveness: a qualitative systematic review
B. M. Ansari, V. Zochios, F. Falter and A. A. Klein


December Issue

The World Health Organization safe surgery checklist as a catalyst for system improvement
A. A. Hannenberg

Implementation of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist and surgical swab and instrument counts at a regional referral hospital in Uganda – a quality improvement project
M. Lilaonitkul, A. Kwikiriza, S. Ttendo, J. Kiwanuka, E. Munyarungero, I. A. Walker and K. D. Rooney

The discriminatory value of cardiorespiratory interactions in distinguishing awake from anaesthetised states: a randomised observational study
D. A. Kenwright, A. Bernjak, T. Draegni, S. Dzeroski, M. Entwistle, M. Horvat, P. Kvandal, S. A. Landsverk, P. V. E. McClintock, B. Musizza, J. Petrovčič, J. Raeder, L. W. Sheppard, A. F. Smith, T. Stankovski and A. Stefanovska

Critical care after lung resection: CALoR 1, a single-centre pilot study
P. J. McCall, A. Macfie, J. Kinsella and B. G. Shelley

November Issue

Obstetric difficult airway guidelines – decision-making in critical situations
M. W. M. Rucklidge and S. M. Yentis

Accuracy of conventional digital palpation and ultrasound of the cricothyroid membrane in obese women in labour
K. E. You-Ten, D. Desai, T. Postonogova and N. Siddiqui

Ultrasound-guided catheterisation of the subclavian vein: freehand versus needle-guided technique
T. Maecken, L. Heite, B. Wolf, P. K. Zahn and R. J. Litz

Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association and Difficult Airway Society guidelines for the management of difficult and failed tracheal intubation in obstetrics
M. C. Mushambi, S. M. Kinsella, M. Popat, H. Swales, K. K. Ramaswamy, A. L. Winton and A. C. Quinn

October Issue

Not just monitoring; a strategy for managing neuromuscular blockade
G. Rodney, P. K. B. C. Raju and D. R. Ball

Power and conflict: the effect of a superior's interpersonal behaviour on trainees’ ability to challenge authority during a simulated airway emergency
Z. Friedman, M. A. Hayter, T. C. Everett, C. T. Matava, L. M. K. Noble and M. D. Bould

A systematic review and meta-regression analysis of prophylactic gabapentin for postoperative pain
B. Doleman, T. P. Heinink, D. J. Read, R. J. Faleiro, J. N. Lund and J. P. Williams

September Issue

Transthoracic echocardiographic assessment of haemodynamics in severe pre-eclampsia and HIV in South Africa
A. T. Dennis, R. A. Dyer, M. Gibbs, L. Nel, J. M. Castro and J. L. Swanevelder

Incidence of and risk factors for difficult ventilation via a supraglottic airway device in a population of 14 480 patients from South-East Asia
T. Saito, W. Liu, S. T. H. Chew and L. K. Ti

A systematic review and meta-analysis of ultrasound versus electrical stimulation for peripheral nerve location and blockade
S. Munirama and G. McLeod

August Issue

ATLS: Archaic Trauma Life Support?
M. D. Wiles

Training and assessment of non-technical skills in the operating theatre: where next?
B. Jenkins

July Issue

Calculating the probability of random sampling for continuous variables in submitted or published randomised controlled trials
J. B. Carlisle, F. Dexter, J. J. Pandit, S. L. Shafer and S. M. Yentis

Peri-operative management of the obese surgical patient 2015
C. E. Nightingale, M. P. Margarson, E. Shearer, J. W. Redman, D. N. Lucas, J. M. Cousins, W. T. A. Fox, N. J. Kennedy, P. J. Venn, M. Skues, D. Gabbott, U. Misra, J. J. Pandit, M.T. Popat and R. Griffiths

June Issue

‘Mainstreaming’ of less than full-time training
M. Jones

The National Essential Anaesthesia Drugs List
W. Harrop-Griffiths

Validation of long-term survival prediction for scheduled abdominal aortic aneurysm repair with an independent calculator using only pre-operative variables
J. B. Carlisle, G. Danjoux, K. Kerr, C. Snowden and M. Swart

May Issue

Limitations of component therapy for massive haemorrhage: is whole blood the whole solution?
S. Hall and M. F. Murphy

Ischaemic postconditioning: cardiac protection after the event
N. Jivraj, F. Liew and M. Marber

Safety guideline: reducing the risk from cemented hemiarthroplasty for hip fracture 2015
R. Griffiths, S. M. White, I. K. Moppett, M. J. Parker, T. J. S. Chesser, M. L. Costa, A. Johansen, H. Wilson and A. J. Timperley

April Issue

Unsettled weather and the end for thiopental? Obstetric general anaesthesia after the NAP5 and MBRRACE-UK reports
D. N. Lucas and S. M. Yentis

Sedation practice in six acute hospitals – a snapshot survey
South West Anaesthetic Research Matrix (SWARM)

A systematic review of pre-operative anaemia and blood transfusion in patients with fractured hips
L. J. Potter, B. Doleman and I. K. Moppett

March Issue

The myth of the difficult airway: airway management revisited
J. M. Huitink and R. A. Bouwman

Diagnostic accuracy of anaesthesiologists’ prediction of difficult airway management in daily clinical practice: a cohort study of 188 064 patients registered in the Danish Anaesthesia Database

A. K. Nørskov, C. V. Rosenstock, J. Wetterslev, G. Astrup, A. Afshari and L. H. Lundstrøm

Transnasal Humidified Rapid-Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange (THRIVE): a physiological method of increasing apnoea time in patients with difficult airways
A. Patel and S. A. R. Nouraei

February Issue

Evaluation of the utility of the Vigileo FloTrac™, LiDCO™, USCOM and CardioQ™ to detect hypovolaemia in conscious volunteers: a proof of concept study
E. O'Loughlin, M. Ward, A. Crossley, R. Hughes, A. P. Bremner and T. Corcoran

An aid to drug dosing safety in obese children: development of a new nomogram and comparison with existing methods for estimation of ideal body weight and lean body mass
L. C. Callaghan and J. D. Walker

January Issue

Laboratory investigation of anaphylaxis: not as easy as it seems
J. Sheldon and B. Philips

Description of a new non-injectable connector to reduce the complications of arterial blood sampling
M. Z. Mariyaselvam, R. E. Heij, D. Laba, J. A. Richardson, E. J. Hodges, C. A. Maduakor, J. J. Carter and P. J. Young

Pulmonary hypertension and its management in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery
S. A. Pilkington, D. Taboada and G. Martinez