Clinical & Experimental Immunology

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Edited By: M. Peakman

Impact Factor: 3.278

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2013: 60/144 (Immunology)

Online ISSN: 1365-2249


Providing an international forum for the publication of original research on all aspects of clinical immunology and translational immunology, Clinical & Experimental Immunology is amongst the foremost journals in this field, attracting high-quality papers from all parts of the world. CEI presents clinical immunological studies covering:

  • immunopathogenesis of communicable and parasitic diseases
  • rheumatic, renal and endocrine disorders
  • immunological disorders in other organ systems
  • malignancy and transplantation

Aims and Scope

Clinical & Experimental Immunology is a top ranking, international journal publishing biologically significant studies that have clinical relevance.  The Journal is focused on Translational Immunology and is amongst the foremost journals in this field, attracting high-quality papers from all parts of the world. Translation is viewed as a process of applying ideas, insights and discoveries generated through basic scientific studies to the treatment, prevention or diagnosis of human disease. Journal articles cover clinical studies in patients receiving immune-based therapies, in relation to autoimmunity, primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, complement disorders and allergies. The Journal also reports investigations on the pathogenesis of rheumatic, renal and endocrine disorders, as well as infectious diseases, malignancy and transplantation.  Basic immunology studies that inform clinical practice or understanding of disease mechanisms are also welcomed, as are studies in non-human model systems and reports on the physiological mechanisms of immunity. 

In addition to research reports, the Journal publishes highly cited review, perspective and hypothesis articles. These are usually commissioned and published as Translational Mini-Review series, but suggestions to the Editor-in-Chief of topics for such series, or titles for one-off review articles are welcome. The Journal encourages submission of articles that represent position papers on the classification, diagnosis or treatment of immunological disease.

Articles deemed to be of potentially high impact may be drawn to the attention of the Editorial Team for allocation to our Fast-Track category, enabling papers of immediate interest to reach their audience as quickly as possible.

Free Access in the Developing World
Free online access to this journal is available within institutions in the developing world through the HINARI  initiative with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Online Open
Authors of articles in this journal can now choose to make their articles open access and available free for all readers through the payment of an author fee. Read more.


The Journal is concerned with both the application of immunology to medical problems and to furthering the understanding of the physiology of the immune system. Its wide scope includes allergy, transplantation and cancer immunology, methods of controlling the immune reaction and the use of immunological reaction procedures to produce disease in experimental animals. The readership consists mainly of research workers.


clinical and experimental immunology, allergy, autoimmunity, clinical immunology, gastrointestinal disease, immunodeficiency, immunogenetics, immunology, experimental immunology, immunomodulation, immunopharmacology, immunotherapy, infectious disease, neuroimmunology, renal disease, rheumatology, vascular disease

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