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Call for papers

2014 Themed Issue Call for Papers

Hygiene Hypothesis and Approaches to Manipulating the Microbiome

In 2014 CEI will publish a themed issue dedicated to the hygiene hypothesis and microbiome modulating therapies. We are born sterile and immunologically naïve.

The instance we leave the uterus we are exposed microbes, and these foreign invaders trigger our immune system to rapidly develop. As we age the immune system adapts and responds to the ever changing challenges it is exposed to. The interplay between the immune system and our microbiome in both health and disease is a fascinating and important area of research. First proposed in the late 1980s the hygiene hypothesis links the decreasing incidence of infections in western countries and more recently in developing countries with the increasing incidence of both autoimmune and allergic diseases. This focus issue aims to explore the latest advances in our understanding of this hypothesis and the underlying mechanisms that explain it. As a journal of translational immunology, we want to link this to exploring some of the exciting and novel therapeutic strategies that are being pursued for the prevention and treatment of allergic and autoimmune diseases.

For this focus issue, the editors of CEI invite authors to submit original articles and reviews within the following areas:

Nutrition and microbiome as determinants of chronic inflammation
Immunoregulatory consequences of microbe and parasite encounters
Epidemiology of autoimmune and infectious diseases
Intestinal homeostasis
Colonisation resistance
Immunomodulatory and microbe modulatory therapies

When submitting your manuscript online, please mention ‘Themed issue 2014’ in the cover letter and title of the manuscript. All manuscripts should be submitted online at and will undergo peer review as normal (average time to first decision is 19 days). All manuscripts that are unable to meet the revision deadline or require further rounds of revisions will be considered for a normal issue of the Journal. Once accepted, manuscripts will be published online. Publication in the themed issue WILL NOT DELAY the online publication date of the manuscript. The Journal aims to publish the collective issue in April 2014 but reserves the right to publish the issue at a later date.

Deadline for end of submissions: 30 September 2013
Deadline for submission of first revision: 20 December 2013
Expected issue publication date: April 2014