Clinical & Experimental Immunology

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Edited By: M. Peakman

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Online ISSN: 1365-2249

'Immunology in the Clinic' Review Series

Focus on allergies
Immunotherapy for food allergy
T. Mousallem and A. W. Burks

Basophils as biomarkers for assessing immune modulation
S. U. Patil and W. G. Shreffler

Focus on host response
Invariant natural killer T cell activation following transplantation
J.-P. Jukes and N. D. Jones

T cell responses to herpes simplex viruses
K. J. Laing, L. Dong, J. Sidney, A. Sette and D. M. Koelle

Focus on metabolic diseases
Development of islet autoimmune disease in type 2 diabetes patients: potential sequelae of chronic inflammation
B. Brooks-Worrell and J. P. Palmer

Focus on cancer
Multiple roles for the immune system in oncogene addiction
P. Bachireddy, K. Rakhra and D. W. Felsher

Tumour-associated macrophages: undisputed stars of the inflammatory tumour microenvironment
P. Allavena and A. Mantovani

Gycolipids as targets for tumour immunotherapy
L. G. Durrant, P. Noble and I. Spendlove

Double trouble for tumours: bi-functional and redirected T cells as effective cancer immunotherapies
L. A. Marr, D. E. Gilham, J. D. M. Campbell and A. R. Fraser

Focus on autoinflammatory diseases

Inflammasomes: mechanisms of activation
A. K. Mankan, A. Kubarenko, V. Hornung

Focus on autoinflammatory diseases: role of inflammasomes in autoinflammatory syndromes
V. U. Ozkurede, L. Franchi

Update on monogenic autoinflammatory diseases: the role of interleukin (IL)-1 and an emerging role for cytokines beyond IL-1
R. Goldbach-Mansky

Focus on type 1 diabetes and viruses

The role of viruses in type 1 diabetes: a difficult dilemma
K. T. Coppieters, A. Wiberg, S. M. Tracy, M. G. von Herrath

The enterovirus link to type 1 diabetes: critical review of human studies

L. C. Stene, M. Rewers

How viral infections modulate beta cell function
F. A. Grieco, G. Sebastiani, I. Spagnuolo, A. Patti, F. Dotta

The innate immune response to enteroviruses and its possible role in regulating type 1 diabetes
K. Lind, M. H. Hühn, M. Flodström-Tullberg

Enterovirus, thymus and type 1 diabetes pathogenesis
H. Jaïdane, F. Sané, R. Hiar, A. Goffard, J. Gharbi, V. Geenen, D. Hober

Role of antibodies enhancing the infection with Coxsackievirus-B in the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes
D. Hober, F. Sane, H. Jaïdane, K. Riedweg, A. Goffard, R. Desailloud