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Virtual Issues from Cell Proliferation

Cell Proliferation Virtual Issue
Edited by Dr. Catherine Sarraf

Tissue engineering for simulation and synthesis of stem cell and other living systems, for organ replacement therapies

This virtual issue aims to incorporate recent publications in Cell Proliferation concerned with simulation and synthesis of tissues and organs that ultimately will be used in tissue engineering for both limited trauma and organ replacement therapies. The approach concerns integration of traditional and computational biology, genomics, proteomics and informatics. Initiated at the gene and cell levels, such research builds into organisation of complex biological systems requisite ahead of human surgical procedures. Our publications range from in silico investigations of, for example, appropriate therapeutic ligands and receptors, as yet undiscovered through biological observation, to scientific research concerning synthesis of in vitro tissues and organs on matrices and scaffolds. We are particularly interested in investigations concerned with stem cell differentiation on synthetic backgrounds to develop living replacements ex vivo, that it will function perfectly in the roles of damaged body parts.

With reference to scaffolds on which cells can be induced to proliferate, those derived from natural backgrounds (such as amniotic membranes) and in appropriate three dimensional arrangement, in the shape of the desired organ, are of exceptional interest. When such scaffolds can be clothed with stem cells, embryonic, adult, germline or induced pluripotential ones, proximity to a simulated tissue-engineered organ is enhanced. Planning of physiological competences of such synthetic organs can be performed in silico and in vitro, before such an organ is constructed.

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Stem cell techniques,

Published: 25 Jan 2010

Edited By: Catherine Sarraf

Introduction: This Virtual Issue gives you FREE ACCESS to the 20 most cited Cell Proliferation articles from 2008. It showcases the best of our special supplement from the international congress "Stem cells; what future for therapy?" and illustrates the scope of the journal with articles ranging from understanding normal cell proliferation, to stem cell techniques, to stem cells in disease and regeneration, to understanding inappropriate cell proliferation in cancer.

Induction of pluripotent stem cells from mouse fibroblasts by four transcription factors
Yamanaka, S

Persistence of a chimerical phenotype after hepatocyte differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
Lysy, PA; Campard, D; Smets, F; Malaise, J; Mourad, M; Najimi, M; Sokal, EM

Potential for access to embryonic-like cells from human umbilical cord blood
McGuckin, CP; Forraz, N

Parthenotes as a source of embryonic stem cells
Brevini, IAL; Gandolfi, F

Continuous hypoxic culturing maintains activation of Notch and allows long-term propagation of human embryonic stem cells without spontaneous differentiation
S. M. Prasad, M. Czepiel, C. Cetinkaya, K. Smigielska, S. C. Weli, H. Lysdahl, A. Gabrielsen, K. Petersen, N. Ehlers, T. Fink, S. L. Minger, V. Zachar

Virtual Issues from Cell Proliferation

Stem cells in disease and regeneration,

Published: 25 Jan 2010

Stem cells and neurological diseases
Hess, DC; Borlongan, CV

Progenitor cells and vascular disease
Jevon, M; Dorling, A; Hornick, PI

The therapeutic potential of stem cells in heart disease
Strauer, BE; Brehm, A; Schannwell, CA

Haematopoietic lineage-committed bone marrow cells, but not cloned cultured mesenchymal stem cells, contribute to regeneration of renal tubular epithelium after HgCl2-induced acute tubular injury
Fang, TC; Otto, WR; Rao, J; Jeffery, R; Hunt, T; Alison, MR; Cook, HT; Wright, NA; Poulsom, R

Spider silk fibres in artificial nerve constructs promote peripheral nerve regeneration
Allmeling, C; Jokuszies, A; Reimers, K; Kall, S; Choi, CY; Brandes, G; Kasper, C; Scheper, T; Guggenheim, M; Vogt, PM

Long-term clinical results of autologous infusion of mobilized adult bone marrow derived CD34( ) cells in patients with chronic
Leviar, N; Pai, M; Habib, NA; Tait, P; Jiao, LR; Marley, SB; Davis, J; Dazzi, E; Smadja, C; Jensen, SL; Nicholls, JP; Apperley, JE; Gordon, MY

In vivo characterization of transplanted human embryonic stem cell-derived pancreatic endocrine islet cells
Eshpeter, A; Jiang, J; Au, M; Rajotte, RV; Lu, K; Lebkowski, JS; Majumdar, AS; Korbutt, GS

Virtual Issues from Cell Proliferation

Cell proliferation in cancer,

Published: 24 Jan 2010

Overexpression of fatty acid synthase gene activates HER1/HER2 tyrosine kinase receptors in human breast epithelial cells
Vazquez-Martin, A; Colomer, R; Brunet, J; Lupu, R; Menendez, JA

Role of α7 -nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in human non-small cell lung cancer proliferation
Paleari, L; Catassi, A; Ciarlo, M; Cavalieri, Z; Bruzzo, C; Servent, D; Cesario, A; Chessa, L; Cilli, M; Piccardi, F; Granone, P; Russo, P

Polymeric black tea polyphenols inhibit mouse skin chemical carcinogenesis by decreasing cell proliferation
Patel, R; Krishnan, R; Ramchandani, A; Maru, G

Virtual Issues from Cell Proliferation

Understanding normal cell proliferation,

Published: 24 Jan 2010

Thymidine block does not synchronize L1210 mouse leukaemic cells: implications for cell cycle control, cell cycle analysis and whole-culture synchronization
Cooper, S; Chen, KZ; Ravi, S

Knocking-down the expression of nucleostemin significantly decreases rate of proliferation of rat bone marrow stromal stem cells in an apparently p53-independent manner
Jafarnejad, SM; Mowla, SJ; Matin, MM

Novel role for polycystin-1 in modulating cell proliferation through calcium oscillations in kidney cells
Aguiari, G; Trimi, V; Bogo, M; Mangolini, A; Szabadkai, G; Pinton, P; Witzgall, R; Harris, PC; Borea, PA; Rizzuto, R; del Senno, L

Silence of ClC-3 chloride channel inhibits cell proliferation and the cell cycle via G(1)/S phase arrest in rat basilar arterial smooth muscle cells
Tang, YB; Liu, YJ; Zhou, JG; Wang, GL; Qiu, QY; Guan, YY

A potential role of connexin 43 in epidermal growth factor-induced proliferation of mouse embryonic stem cells: Involvement of Ca2 /PKC, p44/42 and p38 MAPKs pathways
Park, JH; Lee, MY; Heo, JS; Han, HJ