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Edited By: Rebeca B. Rosengaus, Francis Gilbert and Bernard D. Roitberg

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Associated Title(s): Agricultural and Forest Entomology, Insect Conservation and Diversity, Insect Conservation and Diversity, Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Physiological Entomology, Systematic Entomology

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Volume 42 Issue 4

Habitat variation, mutualism and predation shape the spatio-temporal dynamics of tansy aphids
Matthias Senft, Wolfgang W. Weisser and Sharon E. Zytynska

The underlying paradigms of ecology and conservation have changed fundamentally over the last 25 years, as we have recognized the previously under-appreciated factor of movement in a patchy landscape as a vital element in determining population dynamics. Previous strong arguments about density dependence and regulation have come to seem rather naive because the scale of studies was nearly always too small. As our focus has shifted up in scale to landscape and region, so there has been complete change in the ways of explaining what is going on. This is well illustrated by the paper by Senft et al. on tansy aphid metapopulations and metacommunities, in which the authors explore the roles of colonisation, extinction and persistence in the face of variation in the associated community of mutualistic ants and predators, and abiotic factors such as season and weather. Plant-aphid systems appear to be ideal for the study of the spatial scale of regulatory forces, and hence of the way in which we try to conserve biodiversity.

Senft et al. Graphical Abstract

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RES Award Winner 2016

Pollination by nocturnal Lepidoptera, and the effects of light pollution: a review
Callum J. Macgregor, Michael J. O. Pocock, Richard Fox and Darren M. Evans

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