EPPO Bulletin

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Edited By: Mr Martin Ward

Online ISSN: 1365-2338

Author Guidelines

General. Articles for publication should be in either English or French. Please click here to download a PDF of the EPPO Bulletin instructions for authors in French. Authors are asked to be concise at all times. Articles should be submitted to EPPO, 1 rue Le Notre, 75016 Paris, France by e-mail to hq@eppo.fr, or on a 3½-inch IBM-compatible diskette, in any widely used word-processing system. Since all text will be further word-processed, it is preferable to use a minimum of text and page formatting. The following sequence should be followed: title, abstract, text, acknowledgements, references, tables, figure legends.

Title and abstract. The title should be concise but informative. It should be followed by the names and addresses of the authors, including e-mail addresses. The abstract should be brief (not more than 3% of the text or, in any case, 200 words). The abstract (and title) will be translated into French or English (as appropriate) and also into Russian. Authors may prefer to provide their own translations.

Tables and figures. Tables and figures should, with their legends, be self-explanatory. They should be numbered consecutively, using Arabic numerals, in order of mention in the text. Tables should be presented in the text document where the author would like the table to be included in the article, or the desired location should be indicated. Each table should have a legend above it. Tables should be created with the tabling function of the word-processing system, not with tabs, and should not have lines or borders.

Each figure should be presented where the author would like the figure to be included in the text, or the desired location should be indicated. This can be on the same page as text or on a new page in the text document. Figures should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (preferably in EPS, PSD, PNG or TIF format). Lettering should be legible at 165 mm page width. Legends should be included on a separate line below the figures.

Figures can appear in colour in the online edition free of charge but can only be printed in colour at the author’s expense, and the author should in this case return a colour work agreement form (click here).

References. References in the bibliography should be set out as follows (the names of periodicals being given unabbreviated):

Holt J, Griffiths E & Wratten SD (1984) The influence of wheat growth stage on yield reductions caused by the rose-grain aphid Metopolophium dirhodum. Annals of Applied Biology 105, 7–14.

Olivier JM (1983) Les organismes antagonistes des agents phytopathogènes. In Faune et Flore Auxiliaires en Agriculture, pp. 145–164. ACTA, Paris (FR).

Ozkan N & Esen AR (1966) [Distribution of loose smut of wheat in Turkey.] Bitki Koruma Bülteni 6, 77–93 (in Turkish).

The full title of papers should always be included, preferably in French or English, and in square brackets if translated.

The use of a tool such as EndNote or Reference Manager is recommended for reference management and formatting. EndNote reference styles can be searched for at http://www.endnote.com/support/enstyles.asp, and Reference Manager reference styles can be searched for at

Names, units and quantities. Names of organisms should be given as the scientific binomial. This is optional for commonplace crop plants. Authorities are not required, except where identity is critical. Use SI units and abbreviations.

Offprints. A PDF offprint of the online published article will be provided free of charge to the corresponding author, and may be distributed subject to the Publisher's terms and conditions. Paper offprints of the printed published article may be purchased if ordered via the method stipulated on the instructions that will accompany the proofs. Printed offprints are posted to the correspondence address given for the paper unless a different address is specified when ordered. Note that it is not uncommon for printed offprint to take up to eight weeks to arrive after publication of the journal.

Copyright. Authors are required to assign publication rights in their paper to EPPO (using the Exclusive Licence Form (ELF) that can be downloaded from http://www.blackwellpublishing.com/pdf/epp_caf.pdf), except in the case of articles subject to Government or Crown copyright.

Archiving. Unless specifically requested, Blackwell Publishing will discard all hardcopy or electronic material 2 months after publication. The editorial office or production editor should be informed as early as possible of any material which should be returned.