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Associated Title(s): Soil Use and Management

Chinese Soil Science: An important growing contribution of international relevance - Virtual Issue

This BSSS journals’ virtual issue includes papers in European Journal of Soil Science and Soil Use and Management, and can be accessed without cost online. The virtual issue is a collection of papers authored by Chinese soil scientists which have been published in these journals and which give a flavour of the breadth and types of research. The twenty papers include the topics: 1) carbon and organic matter; 2) physical and chemical processes, functions and management; 3) biological interactions; 4) nutrient management and 5) soil degradation and impact of land management.

Read the complete editorial introduction here - Chinese virtual issue; B. Pan, Q. Wang, F. Zhao

1. Carbon and organic matter (including management)

Effect of organic matter applications on 13C-NMR spectra of humic acids of soil
S. Dou*, J. J. Zhang, K. Li
European Journal of Soil Science

Carbon accumulation in paddy ecosystems in subtropical China: evidence from landscape studies
J. Wu*
European Journal of Soil Science

Effects of 10 years of conservation tillage on soil properties and productivity in the farming–pastoral ecotone of Inner Mongolia, China
J. He, N. J. Kuhn, X. M. Zhang, X. R. Zhang, H. W. Li
Soil Use and Management

Spatial patterns and effects of soil organic carbon on grain productivity assessment in China
L. Ye, H. Tang, J. Zhu, A. Verdoodt, E. Van Ranst
Soil Use and Management

Application of the RothC model to the results of long-term experiments on typical upland soils in northern China
L. Guo, P. Falloon, K. Coleman, B. Zhou, Y. Li1, E. Lin, F. Zhang
Soil Use and Management

2. Physical and chemical processes, functions and management

Evolution of water-extractable copper in soil with time as a function of organic matter amendments and aeration
G. Wang, S. Staunton
European Journal of Soil Science

An improved force-restore method for soil temperature prediction
Z. Gao, R. Horton*, L. Wang, H. Liu, J. Wen
European Journal of Soil Science

Nitrous oxide emissions from vegetables grown in a polytunnel treated with high rates of applied nitrogen fertilizers in Southern China
J. Min, W. Shi, G. Xing, D. Powlson, Z. Zhu
Soil Use and Management

3. Biological interactions

Microbial biomass dynamics and soil wettability as affected by the intensity and frequency of wetting and drying during straw decomposition
B. Zhang*, S.-H. Yao, F. Hu
European Journal of Soil Science

Responses of ethylene and methane consumption to temperature and pH in temperate volcanic forest soils
X. Xu*, K. Inubushi
European Journal of Soil Science

4. Nutrient Management

Effect of long-term combined nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer application on 13C CPMAS NMR spectra of humin in a Typic Hapludoll of northeast China
J. J. Zhang, S. Dou,*, X. Y. Song
European Journal of Soil Science

Effects of long-term repeated mineral and organic fertilizer applications on soil nitrogen transformations
J. B. Zhang, T. B. Zhu, Z. C. Cai, S. W. Qin, C. Müller
European Journal of Soil Science

Long-term pig manure application reduces the requirement of chemical phosphorus and potassium in two rice–wheat sites in subtropical China
Y. Duan, M. Xu, X. He, S. Li, X. Sun
Soil Use and Management

Impact of land use changes on soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus and water pollution in an arid region of northwest China
Wang Genxu, Ma Haiyan, Qian Ju, Chang Juan
Soil Use and Management

5. Soil degradation and impact of land management

Variation of chemical properties as affected by soil erosion on hillslopes and terraces
S. J. Ni, J. H. Zhang
European Journal of Soil Science

Estimation of total erosion in cultivated Black soils in northeast China from vertical profiles of soil organic carbon
A. Z. Liang*, X. P. Zhang, X. M. Yang, N. B. Mclaughlin, Y. Shen, W. F. Li
European Journal of Soil Science

Changes in soil quality due to introduction of broad-leaf trees into clear-felled Chinese fir forest in the mid-subtropics of China
Y. Huang, S.L. Wang, Z.W. Feng, Z.Y. Ouyang, X.K. Wang, Z.Z. Feng
Soil Use and Management

Effects of land use on soil erosion and nutrient loss in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China
Q.H. Meng, B.J. Fu, L.Z. Yang
Soil Use and Management

Effects of reforestation and deforestation on soil properties in humid mountainous areas: a case study in Wolong Nature Reserve, Sichuan province, China
S.L. Liu, B.J. Fu, Y.H. Lü, L.D. Chen
Soil Use and Management

The effect of environmental variables on soil characteristics at different scales in the transition zone of the Loess Plateau in China
S. L. Liu, X. D. Guo, B. J. Fu, G. Lian, J. Wang
Soil Use and Management