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Total carbon and nitrogen in the soils of the world: the impact of Batjes, 1996 - Landmark Virtual Issue

I am very pleased to introduce the virtual issue of papers published in European Journal of Soil Science which are associated with the third in our series of Landmark Papers published in the journal. This Landmark paper, another of the important papers published in EJSS and its predecessor The Journal of Soil Science, has inspired the longer-term and broader thinking about the way in which soils function and, especially in this case, contribute to the understanding of wider-scale interactions of soils with other components of the global ecosystem. Landmark Paper 3 on the global status of soil carbon by Niels Batjes, first published in the European Journal of Soil Science in 1996, (Total carbon and nitrogen in the soils of the world; N.H. Batjes, European Journal of Soil Science, 1996, 47, 151–163) was, arguably, the first paper to alert the world to the functional role of soils at this scale.

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