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Organic Matter And Soil Aggregates: A Legacy From Tisdall and Oades, 1982 - Landmark Virtual issue

Over the years, The European Journal of Soil Science and its predecessor The Journal of Soil Science have published many important papers which have inspired changes in our appreciation of how soils develop, function and interact with all aspects of the wider world whether under natural conditions or with man’s influence. We have, in the first issue of 2012, published our first Landmark paper – that by Tisdall and Oades in 1982 Tisdall, J.M. & Oades, J.M. 1982. Organic matter and water-stable aggregates in soils. This, and as described by the commentaries on this seminal work in Volume 63 (1), has had major impact on our understanding of the way in which the aggregation of soil particles occurs. It has also influenced research and, as well as the approaches that researchers have taken, has had important practical outcomes in many diverse areas.

To complement the publication of the Landmark paper in Volume 63 (1), we now also publish our first virtual edition which comprises a selection of papers published in The Journal over the decades up until the present day which have drawn on, and developed, the thoughts first set out by Tisdall and Oades. I am grateful to Jo Six, Ed Gregorich and Ingrid Kögel-Knabner for suggesting the composition of this volume. As demonstrated by the contents of this virtual issue and the commentary on the Landmark paper published by Six, Gregorich and Kögel-Knabner in Volume 63 (1), the impact of Tisdall and Oades has been substantial, wide-ranging and continuing. I hope that this and the associated publication of the Landmark paper are of interest and value to both new and older members of the soil science community. I welcome comments and suggestions for other such exercises in the future.

Steve Jarvis

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