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Classic papers on plankton dynamics from
Freshwater Biology

Virtual Issue: Classic papers on plankton dynamics from Freshwater Biology  

August 2012

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Effects of ice duration on plankton succession during spring in a shallow polymictic lake
Rita Adrian, Norbert Walz, Thomas Hintze, Sigrid Hoeg, Renate Rusche

Phosphorus decrease and climate variability: mediators of synchrony in phytoplankton changes among European peri-alpine lakes
Orlane Anneville, Sonja Gammeter, Dietmar Straile

Functional diversity of crustacean zooplankton communities: towards a trait-based classification
Allain J. Barnett, Kerri Finlay, Beatrix E. Beisner

Combining palaeolimnological and limnological approaches in assessing lake ecosystem response to nutrient reduction
Richard W. Battarbee, N. John Anderson, Erik Jeppesen, Peter R. Leavitt

The impact of regional-scale changes in the weather on the long-term dynamics of Eudiaptomus and Daphnia in Esthwaite Water, Cumbria
D. G. George

The relative effects of enrichment and climate change on the long-term dynamics of Daphnia in Esthwaite Water, Cumbria
D. G. George, D. P. Hewitt, J. W. G. Lund, W. J. P. Smyly

Pattern, process and prediction in aquatic ecology. A limnological view of some general ecological problems
Graham P. Harris

Effects of winter conditions on Daphnia dynamics and genetic diversity in a dimictic temperate reservoir
Stephan Hülsmann, Annekatrin Wagner, Matthias Pitsch, Wolfgang Horn, Rüdiger Paul, Anne Rother, Bettina Zeis

A morphological classification capturing functional variation in phytoplankton
Carla Kruk, Vera L. M. Huszar, Edwin T. H. M. Peeters, Sylvia Bonilla, Luciana Costa, Miquel Lürling, Colin S. Reynolds, Marten Scheffer

Effects of warming and nutrients on sediment community respiration in shallow lakes: an outdoor mesocosm experiment
Lone Liboriussen, Torben L. Lauridsen, Morten Søndergaard, Frank Landkildehus, Martin Søndergaard, Søren E. Larsen, Erik Jeppesen

Macro-zooplankter responses to simulated climate warming in experimental freshwater microcosms
D. Mckee, D. Atkinson, S. Collings, J. Eaton, I. Harvey, T. Heyes, K. Hatton, D. Wilson, B. Moss

Phytoplankton periodicity: the interactions of form, function and environmental variability
C. S. Reynolds

Variation in spatial and temporal gradients in zooplankton spring development: the effect of climatic factors
Pia Romare, Daniel E. Schindler, Mark D. Scheuerell, Jennifer M. Scheuerell, Arni H. Litt, Judith H. Shepherd

Biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and food webs in fresh waters: assembling the jigsaw puzzle
Guy Woodward

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